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Well from how you've descibed yourself, Ian, except for the balding pate - Ive seen quite a few women like that chatted up by some of these adonis'! :shock: Be thankful you haven't got a full head of hair!! :lol:
I'll be sure to wear a hat then, if I'm still in with a chance.....
Just got from Turkey with me friend and we both have bfriends but we still had a nice time there very friendly and like to chat to you but if you stand your ground then there fine with hoping to go back next year thats how nice it is and friendly they are!
i was in marmaris last year, just me and my friend, i didnt find the men to be pests in anyway... we were invited to a party or two, but declined there
there very kind invitations :lol:

the only thing that concerned me was while out on a boat trip, there was this young girl probably about 14 or 15, and all the lads on the boat were letching over her, one of them pulled her bikini top off... shocking behaviour i thought, til i realised she was actually with her family and her own father was encouraging this disgusting behaviour! :shock:

im going back this year with my own daughters, and if any of the young men tried to act like that with them... i will chuck them straight over the side of the boat! :twisted:
Mitchell i've seen the same. One teenage girl (late teens) was openly flirting with the waiter in our hotel a few years back, she was all over him and the clothing she had on didn't leave a lot to the imagination!!!! My husband and i couldn't believe the lewd comments this girl's father was making and he was actively encouraging the waiter to "paw" his daughter. We were disgusted, not at the waiter but the father's behaviour. The waiter appeared to take his cue from the father!!
Sadly, English girls are considered 'very easy' by Turkish guys. One lad I was talking to in Fethiye recently told me how he'd been talking to a girl on MSN for a few weeks before she came over. He met her (for the first time) in a friend's bar in Hisaronu and said that after only tem minutes he took her in a back room and had sex with her. It may or may not be true but he and his pals were out every night over the summer seeking to get as many girls as would let them. You can't blame the lads when you see how our girls dress compared to theirs. I do feel sorry for the women who are conned out of money over a period of time.
Ah but there are 2 completely different ways of dressing for young Turkish girls Yorkshire Boy.

There are the girls who dress casually but nicely (you know, nice jeans and top etc) and then there are those who turn up at the resorts showing more flesh than the average British girl abroad. The way these Turkish girls treat everyone in resort (nose in the air and an invisible force-field around them) certainly lets the lads know they are not available for any back-room sex, but its not their clothing thats the difference - its their manner.

I got used to seeing groups of young Turkish girls every summer, dressed like hookers (sorry, but they were - halter-neck tops and skirts slit to the waist). But they were totally untouchable to the local resort boys - and the boys knew that. Thats the difference.

You are right though Yorkshire Boy, British girls/women have got a reputation all over the Turkish resorts for being "easy".

We were in a bar in Icmeler one night last year and a girl who was about 14 or 15 kept asking the waiter to go in the ladies loo with her. He was very embarassed and he kept telling her to go away as he would lose his job.

Eventually the girls father dragged her away from the bar back to their hotel but 10 minutes later she was back again harassing the young lad.
I was embarrassed that she was the image of English girls.

Someone posted previously that it is not what you wear, its your manner and I totally agree with that.
We were out one night in England and some of the girls were dancing so suggestivley so what impression are they giving?

We were coming home from Icmeler one night by coach and it was in the early hours. We had to stop to pick up 2 young girls who were hanging round two waiters necks, they had the waiters names signed across there breasts ( they had very low tops on) and crying and declaring undying love for each other. The driver on the coach was a middle aged Turk and he was laughing saying' They will have another girl tomorrow!' :?
You're absolutely correct Elaine- it is their manner and they say good manners cost nothing! I bet some of them find their bad manners very costly in all sorts of ways.
So really, this thread isn't about the morals of Turkish Men - it's about the morals of English Women.

It's about morals of both!!
I think it is called holiday romances ,love them and leave them from both sexes , i stay on a small island in the forth of clyde ,pop 6500 it is a holiday island ,the same thing happens here during the holiday season ,the local girls dont want to know the local guys, and visa versa ,same all over the world ,but what i will say is that on many occasions in turkey i have seen teenagers , middle aged woman ,and even some married woman openly flirting with the young turkish guys ,which can be a bit degrading , but if they are offered it on a plate who can blame them for trying the menu, it is part of human nature but, who am i to complain, as long as it doesent effect me directly . :mrgreen:
So really, this thread isn't about the morals of Turkish Men - it's about the morals of English Women.

It's about morals of both!!

Not exactly relevant to a site about holiday information then is it.
Well it is................because it's discussing the behaviour of British women when they're on holiday in Turkey; and the behaviour of Turkish resort workers.

There is a connection. :roll:

According to this thread they connect quite often :wink:
and some women are carefully groomed over a long period and then fleeced for thousands of pounds for fake businesses/fake family illnesses etc etc. I read some of the entries on an MSN list entitled 'Turkish love rats' and there are some heartbreaking experiences. If this thread saves even one woman from being exploited then this topic is very relevant
And when does this grooming start to take place? Often when the woman goes on holiday to Turkey.

I agree with you Yorkshire Boy, unfortunately, there are some truly heartbreaking stories around regarding Turkish men and how they have groomed and then fleeced women. It does need to be highlighted, along with reminding holidaymakers to take their brains with them, and use them, when on holiday.

This thread is starting to sound like the one which has already been locked about much the same thing :x

Yes but with respect we're not all on here all day every day and those who only look at recent posts or who are new to the forum may find this helpful
Cant see how it can be helpful,discssing someone elses morals , that is up to each individual how they act or lead there own lives , not something that should be discussed on a holiday forum . Most woman who go to turkey ,or indeed anywhere for that matter ,go with there eyes wide open and should know what to expect it is not as if they are being raped left right and centre .I joined this forum to both give and recieve advice about holidays ,and i cannot see how this is promoting turkey in any way.


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