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Address: Pioneer Road, Bugibba SPB 3000, Malta
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Franks visited the Traveller Lodge Hotel, Bugibba in July 2005
When we arrived at 5:30am the reception was obviously in need of a good clean and smelt musty. When we got to our allocated room there was a strong smell of diesel coming from the bathroom from a window in the shaft going through the hotel. There was no balcony just a small window which faced a brick wall which was so close the window would not open.

We moved rooms at three the next day because no-one but the manager was authorised to do so. We were given a room with a balcony but after two days it became apparent that the bathroom leaked and they\'re way of dealing with it was to mop it up the final straw came on the third day when at 6:00am we had to barricade the water in the bathroom with the ...
bed linen.

The hotel is situated on a main road with a nightclub underneath which stays open until approx 6am. The roof below the balcony was strewn with cigarette ends empty bottles, cans and dirty towels not to mention the sick from previous occupants. The street outside the hotel was dirty with filthy underwear discarded.

The rooftop pool was tiny with enough room for 6 people at the most in it and around it. It was so deep you could not stand up in it.

The breakfast consisted of stale bread with a toaster that only toasted one side. Paint was peeling off walls. Stairs rails were loose.

The hotel boasts bar, internet access, fax facilities, laundry facilities,none of this was there.

This should be a 3 stars and although I know Malta is more basic than other countries, the hotel we moved to (The Carolina) also a 3 star was by far a better standard and a breath of fresh air.

So please if you have already booked this or thinking of booking please don't it could put you of Malta for life and that would be a shame.

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