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Hi yes i seen it . turkey was shown very well , most of it was the southern agean side and altinkum etc was also on . also on the same day on itv later on was i want that house special on turkey also it was very good if these two programmes dont pull in some rental i dont know what will. it just made me desparet to get back out their next year. all the best simon. 8)
I watched it as we are currently buying an apartment in Kusadasi. :D The house the couple purchased was on a complex we looked at, but I can't remember how much it cost them or us. The apartment they looked at was £38000. We looked at the same one end of october. The price quoted to us(and end of season too) was £46000-BIG difference. I don't know when this programme was made :? (it said based on spring 2004 exchange rates) or if the price we were quoted was inflated, or the place in sun prices streamlined to make them more appealing. Anyone else know? It would be nice to see Turkey featured more on these programmes, as the prices are affordable to a lot more people than other destinations. :idea:
Although the price of property is very resonable, the price of flights from the UK make renting these apartments/villas impractable. I can book a nice hotel B+B for two weeks thru. a travel agent for much less than I can hire an apartment and book flights!
Why are we getting ripped off by these airlines, why doesn't Easyjet or BMI etc. realise the potential of running flights to Turkey?
I've only looked at flight prices for next year. I am told however that flight accomodation and transfers are sometimes cheaper than flight only, and will look at this as a possibility but use my own place when I arrive. Buying isn't just for hols-it's a long term investment.
Never saw the programe, does anyone know if it will be repeated?
Wonder if there is any mileage in arranging a forum petition to Easyjet, BMI for flights to Turkey?
How long is the flight to Turkey as the Lo-Cost airlines rarely do a flight longer than 2-3 hours.

They operate on such tight schedules that longer flights mean they just can't fit enough journeys into a day!
i actually bought a house in altinkum last year, i was quite please with the price, a 4 bed semi for £40.000. there are cheaper properties about, but you do need to do your homework as i found a lot of the estate agents have the same properties on their books at different prices and you can barta. in my case on the property i bought another estate agent told me it was £45k. the estate agents also charge you a 3% buying commision
they also get a commission off the builder, thats why everyone and his uncle is an estate agent in altinkum. just do your homework and dont hand over any money until you have a contract and a good lawyer, i have heard some horror stories but at the same time many a good one to.
Hi Jackie

Where about in Altinkum is your house as I also own property out there?
For flights I would recommend Onur Airlines as they are the cheapest direct flight into Turkey that I have found. I have flown with them before and I have got no complaints whatsoever.
Who are onur airlines -and how much do flights out of season cost. Have a nice xmas Donna
Regards Christine
The programme should be on the Home and Leisure satellite channel sometime in the future. They always endlessly repeat A Place In The Sun.

The prices were spring/summer 2004. I remember seeing the advert in a magazine asking for couples who were thinking of buying in Kusadasi for under £40000.

Maybe if/when Turkey join the EU the airlines might be more interested in chartering cheaper flights.
Hi Marky Mark.
I saw that advert myself about september time(we'd just come back from holiday) I even got in touch by e mail, but got no reply. As you say the budget was £40000, but the couple featured had a budget of £35000, so maybe it was an earlier production we saw last week.

I didnt think you could book with Onur air direct ? Have you got a number? I always thought that Onur were chartered by the holiday companies??
A Place In The Sun programme was filmed in Kusadasi around the end of Oct/start of November.
I spoke to the researchers while they were here at the beginning of October.

We have just booked a flight one way in Mid April, with Thomas Cook to Dalaman for £75 each if anyone is looking, they had the returns for the Same price
Hi. Yes house prices do change quickly in Turkey.I have a very good architect / builder friend in Bodrum Turkey who knows all there is to know on buiding and land.Costs are rising on a week to week basis. Any one need help in the Bodrum region I would be happy to assist. :D
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