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So far this year I have done Egypt , Turkey and Spain. I always feel safe in an AI resort and would return to Turkey like a shot if I had any holiday left. Go for it, you will have a lovely time x
My friends just come back from Marmaris & had a great time. No problems. 👍
We just come back from Fethiye Turkey(first time).l was slightly concern about the political problems as l was travelling with children.
My concerns were unfounded, it was one of the best holiday ever.
Nice to hear a positive report! How did you find Fethiye?
Don’t believe all the hype in the media. The problems and border with Syria are as far away from the popular holiday destinations as london is from Berlin. I spend more than a month a year there and more recently several months and feel safer there than my local town in southern England. I hope you go, I’m sure you will be fine as are so many other tourists every year.
I've been going to Turkey since 2004 n never had any problems - the locals love us as it's us that keep them going.
As of which part to go depends on what type of holiday - I can recommend liberty hotel at olu Denise - you can only book it with thomas cook - there is 20 pools 16 tennis courts lovely restaurants and accommodation is fantastic after a busy day - you don't even have to leave the resort as sentido is next door - path width away !! Been going 14 yrs and it's all inclusive but you pay for it as in holiday cost - I'm there 9th July
Hi just returned from Marmaris at club Julian hotel we were there first 2weeks July we had a great time if you are out of your hotel you will be asked all the time about trips or trying to get you to go in an eat in restaurant's but be polite say no thanks and that should be end of it if you are going all inclusive try and go for a slightly more expensive hotel as I think you will get better food before booking check out trip advisor but have a open mind as you just can't please some people I do not have any safety concerns about Turkey boat trips are a must as is keep Safari if you don't mind getting wet and acting like a big kid advice go for it you will go back we are trying to get booked up already we are couple with 14 yr old please feel free to ask anything else
Good advice about thinking what you are paying for it going AI. If something is a lot cheaper then food and drink costs would have to come down to compensate.
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