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Hi Helen ... we have lots of previous discussion topics about Dublin across in our UK & Eire forum. The easiest way to find them may be by using the Search facility at the top of the page.

David :wave
Thanks for that, posted the new topic before i saw that part of the forum!
My daughter is visiting Dublin this weekend, she is going to fetch me back some cigarettes. Does anyone know what she should expect to pay for Benson & Hedges, are they any cheaper than in England?
I'm sure someone will let you know current prices of cigarettes in Ireland but when we were there two years ago the price there was almost the same as the UK, just slightly less. Don't forget to remind your daughter that smoking is banned in public places, bars, pubs and restaurants throughout Ireland now... and they're sticking to it :roll:
I know that the tax is higher in ROI 21%, so a lot of the residents come across the border into NI to shop. Don't know if this applies to Cigarettes as well. Maybe duty free would be the best place.

Let us know when she gets back - curious to know!
Jaime C :wave
At the moment cigarettes are 6 euro 30 cent for 20
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