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have a look here for information on transfers.
the only downside is that the bus stop in malgrat is at the back of the resort, and so will involve a 10-15 minute walk to your hotel.
if the bus times are no good, current taxi price is around € 55 from the airport.
hi, weve just booked a holiday but dont know which resort we are staying in. we have been told its about 40 km from the airport.

does anyone know how much a taxi will be approx?

we will be told which hotel we are staying at 3 days before we go. can we book transfers online then or will it be too late?

Sounds like an H-Top Secret Hotel :)

I have booked transfers online after an AOA with H-Top - think 24 hours before is the latest.

my friend is going to loret de mar in 2 weeks but has not booked transfers. there will be 2 adults and 2 kids. does anyone know the price of a taxi fare from the airport?

A lot depends what airport she is flying too , i think it will be cheaper from Gerona that Barcelona
also what time are the flights as it might be worth , a bus from Gerona or taxi but maybe a train from Barcelona
any idea of prices please gerona to lloret return many thanks
Shared shuttle was about £25 for the two of us to Santa Susanna via Lloret
That was not in high season.
If there are more than two in your party, think the cost of a taxi could be worth it (sorry, don't know the price though)
taxi to lloret is around €50 one way, depending on number of passengers and bags. there is a small addition for these.
public transport bus to lloret is €8.
have a look here for more information on transfers
My friend returned from Tossa last week. Booked Jet2 flight into Barcelona. Transfer time (again booked with Jet2) was 1hr 45mins. On return they were picked up first and took them 4 hrs to get to airport :yikes
Ooh, Glynis what a nigtmare. They could have flown to Tenerife in the time they spent on a coach/minibus!
Would have thought at this time of year, transfers would only go to one town and not all around the houses due to the number of people visiting one area.
Perhaps they used a big coach and tried to get it full.
I don't think any passengers would choose this but how would you know that when booking?

Must admit, I have heard something similar before - a very early pickup in Majorca and the coach was full only after making many pickups. It went all around the bays and back to the main road again many times and by the time they were on the way to the airport, most of the children were being sick and all of them were very hot, tired and felt travel sick!
Imagine how they felt when they arrived at the airport late for their flight - the children had to be changed before they could check-in. Makes you think about forking out for a private taxi, doesn't it?
Sometimes it does seem like we are treated worse than cattle!
Hi, has anyone use Travel Republic transfer from Gerona Airport ?

The shuttle transfer is coming out the best price so far at £75 for 4 people return. Just need to ensure they don't drop centrally but rather at the hotel ?

Thanks in advance
dont use transfer companies in costa brava, as they always seem to drop me off last, wherever i stay.
for malgrat, the local bus is no good really, as it does drop you off at the back of the resort; but there is no reason for a transfer company to do this as the maripins is on the main street.
taxi from gerona would be about €60 each way, but i have a contact in malgrat who does the trip for about €30 each way, but i have mislaid her phone number :que :duh

€75 for 4 people return seems like a very good deal.
I've booked Recio Cars again this May: Girona to Tossa de Mar 109 euros return. This is for a Mercedes E class saloon for up to 4 people and their luggage. I used them last year to go Girona to Blanes at 99 euros return. The cars and drivers were very well turned out, on time and friendly. Google Recio Cars and you can get an instant online quote from their website. Nothing to pay until each journey is completed. When I booked this years car, I was remembered and thanked for booking with them again. The car takes you from outside the airport directly to your Hotel with no messing about!
hi im goin to lloret de mar in a few weeks can any one tell me the best way to get from girona airport to lloret thank :)
I will need transfers for 6 from Girona to Pineda in August. Have checked Resort Hopper and Shuttle Direct.
Prices range from £105 for coach to £175 for private(I assume thats a minibus).
Anyone had any dealings with another reliable company?
Car hire is a non starter with prices starting at the £300 + area
Once again Recio cars is your friend here: Just checked their site and a return trip with their Merc minibus is 140 euros. I don't work for them or have any stake in the company, I have found after much web browsing that they are the cheapest in the Girona area. They are a proper Taxi firm with the Spanish "SP" plates and are very reliable. www reciocars com/eng/home html
can someone tell me how much I would pay for taxi transport from Girona airport to Barcelona. Many thanks :sun2
wow cant believe some of the rip off prices,,then again some good ones again depending on the personally i always more often than not use public transport. as for me its always part of the adventure,,i usually go to calella de palafrugell and various resorts on the same bus line like playa de aro palamos etc..if your arriving in barcelona you can go from barcelona nord bus station to various resorts on the direct bus felu.san antoni.playa de aro.palamos ,pals and calella de palfrugell estimated time 1 hour 45 mins to cdp all for around 10 euros...its also the same if u arrive at gerona...which takes less time..from gerona to cdp on a good day is 35 mins max 1 hour..again its approx and ok if your on your own or with a partner to share the adventure with.i would never pay 50 or 60 euros for a cab(or even 250 with thomsons somene here qouted) but i see why 3 or 4 people would or with kids etc..but if u want to save 60 euros and have a little adventure us e the bus,lol

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