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Does anyone know how much it costs for a taxi between Paphos airport and Konia please?
Konia is not that far from Paphos international (15 kilometers, if that), I would estimate about €30....£17 old CYP .£'s
Me and my family are going to Cyprus in just over 3 weeks time. We are landing at Paphos airport and staying in Paphos. I really need advice, there will be 4 adults and 1 toldler, so with the luggage etc may be a mini bus is reqiured. Would it be best to contact a taxi company in advance in Paphos to collect us or just get on a taxi at the airport?
Also does anyone know the rough price we'd likely pay?
Many thanks.
Hi all,

I have just booked to go to Protaras staying in the Golden Star Apartments in June. I just booked the flight and hotel so don't have a tour operator and therefore no transfers.
I know that Protaras is just over an hours drive from Larnaca airport and wondered if anyone knew if I picked up a taxi at the airport, would they be willing to take me to Protaras and how much it would cost?

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Evo and djs..... email this company for prices and advice...

we used them for Protaras a couple of years ago very efficient and reasonably priced...can't recall the actual cost now tho'
I am going to Paphos in the summer I am flying into Paphos airport. I was wondering how much it would cost to get a taxi from the airport into Paphos.

Thanks V much Mike.
To Paphos harbour 25 Euros by taxi or 50 Euros by mini bus.
MR John in Protaras is pretty reaonable, when I've finished unpacking, I'll post the phone number., ;)
Found it.
Mob (MrJohn) +357 99622139
Pre booked taxis during the day Larnaca to Protaras - 50 euros - evenings 60 euros. Marginally cheaper if you pick up a cab outside the airport.
Hi trying to book a hol for 2 weeks time to Ayia Napa
Can anyone tell me the cost of a cab to Ayia Napa possibly Anmaria Hotel
from Larnaca.Thanks in advance
Taxis from outside the airport are approx 45-50 Euros per one way Larnaca to Ayia Napa
Been with them (grab that cab) last year and no complaints (apart from the fact that I thought I was still flying....the speed he went :rofl

Noticed price etc have gone up (understandably), but are there any other comparative companies , or are airport taxis more expensive etc)

cheers :tup
When you are comparing this years prices to last years remember that all prices are now in Euros and not in Cyprus Pounds.
Ive used Grab that Cab before and have booked them again for my visit in September...quoted 55 euros from Larnaca airport to Pernera Beach as we land at 10pm and its classed as night time.Hope this helps.
hmmm actually it is night dear I am ready for my holiday arent i??! :D
I've searched all transfers and quotes direct from cab firms out there and the cheapest is or lowcosttransfer
Regarding Paphos airport it is very easy to hire a taxi, they are hovering all around when you leave the arrivals hall..cost about € 35 max!! £20 old cyp to Kato Paphos.

Please remember £CYP are not used now!!, you will need €'s of course!!!

Have a good time..

I have gone through this thread - not sure if availability is a problem landing around midnight at Paphos - any offers?

Smiles :)
Our next door neighbour has just returned from Paphos and tells me that there is now a bus service into town from the airport. They suggest that it will be cheaper to get the bus and then take a taxi from the town. Perhaps someone may be able to throw some light on this.

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