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I do know somebody whose parents renewd their vows for their 50th anniversary in the USA
and i'm sure for those of them that couldn't make it they had a video link so they could watch it back home .
nice thing to do actually if thats what you want you go for it , you cant disappoint your little girl now .
Its my 25th anniversary while i'm away this year and never thought of renewing vows .
Juby as you remember we got married abroad last year - and wouldn't hesitate to renew my vows abroad - we are moving abroad in a few weeks and will be back on the beach where we got married on our first anniversary hopefully :)
That sounds lovely Juby. We got married in Turkey and had a party on the beach so if ever we do anything for a special anniversary that is where we will go again. We never had vows as such so maybe it would be nice to do one day.
Thanks guys, glad it doesn't sound too spoony !
We actually got married in cuba, though not on the beach, in an old colonial house in downtown havanna, and 9 months later our little girl was born, but mexico was mine and hubby's first 'big' holiday together and we always longed to go back.
I don't want a big fuss and will wear a nice frock, but thought it would be quite nice for our daughter too.
Hi Juby, your idea sounds great and i think we'll do the same aswell in a few years time, we also got married abroad in Barbados nearly 14 years ago , we were always then away on our anniversary in the following years which was really good, but the last three years we've changed to November for a holiday and go away in july aswell when its the wife's birthday.
I think if we were to renew our vows we would probably pick Thailand, perhaps when its 20, if she can put up with me for that long.

When we got married i remember some people there who liked the ceremony and setting and wanted to renew their vows and i think it was reasonably priced and fairly easy to arrange, we had a great photographer, and video done for everyone back home ,

i really think its a great idea you have and i bet your little girl will love it .
:offtop which hotel,did you book in the end juby?
i think,you were looking at the gran bahia principe,at one point,if i remember rightly.we are going there in 4 weeks & are so looking forward to it.
i wanted to surprise my husband,with renewing our vows there,as it is something,we have said we would like to do,but unfortunately,i never reached my target weight,so won't do it,till i have,so i never booked it :que
if mexico,was your first big holiday,then it would be lovely,to renew your vows there & to have your daughter,by your side,just perfect :)
Hi Tracy, yes, I narrowed it down to bahai principe, riu tequila, sandos playacar and sandos caracol, I was going round in circles trying to decide as they all look fab and have great reviews ! So eventually, I showed our daughter pictures of them all and let her choose ( :yikes ) Anyway, she chose the sandos caracol in playa del carmen, so I've literally just come back from Thomas cooks after finally booking !!!! yeah !!
thanks to all for making me feel good about renewing our vows, means a lot !
My parents renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas for their 25th anniversary last year, and we got married 3 days later.

We had out wedding broadcast on the internet to those back home and my parents could have done the same.

Hey there, it's so quiet here and I actually don't want to make a new topic. Did anyone throw a renovation party? Or is it too much, having two parties for just a couple? :)
Hi, you did actually receive a reply, strangely enough from your exact IP address. Even the coordinates were identical. 🙄 Needless to say, as the reply contained a hyperlink, it hasn't been approved.
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