We are going back to Vegas next April. It was supposed to be February, and I had done all the hotel research for it. But yesterday 2 redemption First seats appeared for April and we have a 241 voucher to use. We booked them before they disappeared then I went to book our usual Platinum hotel and I just about had a heart attack at the prices. They are ok for the first 4 days and then they more than triple in price. Turns out there is a convention with 103. 000 attendees!:omg
All is not lost as Tuscany Resort has a great price. Just haven't been to the place, even though it is practically behind the Platinum. Anyone been there. We were looking to transfer there after 4 nights but just wondering if we should just stay there for the week.
( For those who know Ellis island hotel- they want £2400 for the week. Its not even a 3 star hotel!)