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S'illot is alovely little town and has lots of different types of restaurant and bars. There are British, Spanish and german. I would reccommend BiBaBo, The Red Lion, Tiggi's, Toni's, The Indian Restaurant. There are lots of places to go, and im sure you will find a few to suit you. It is very easy to get around on the bus or by taxi. There are regular buses to the nearby towns such as Sa Coma, Cala Millor and Cala Bona and its about 1.40euros each way. Also you can go to towns further away and it shows you the times and prices at the bus stops. There is a taxi rank in Sillot at the mini golf,over the bridge, and also taxi's near to BiBaBo. Its about 7euros to Cala Millor i think,but again it tells you the prices at the rank in Sa Coma so you could always walk there, about 10minutes, and have a look. Also take a look at the website if you look at Sa Coma it details bars and restaurants in S'illot and gives you their websites too. Hope this helps, if you need any more info then i will be pleased to help :D
WOW thanks for all that information do you go there often

Can you tell me what the accomodation is like as we havent booked that yet have just got flights

i was looking at the palmeras aparthotel and the mariea hotel but dont know which is best

many thanks :D
Hello again!

Yes i live here, so i will help with anything i can. The Palmeras Playa is part of Protur Hotels, the major chain on the east coast. I think its a lovely hotel, the beach is just 2 mins walk and the rooms are good, ive had family stay there and they are always happy. The Playa Moreia is also good, its right on the beach of S'illot and also in the centre of town,although S'illot is a small town! Not sure about the rooms there personally, but i know people who stay there think its ok. If you are booking seperately then try Its got hotels where you can pay by room or by each day, although i would NOT reccommend the Playa Blanca, Bona Vista, Pinomar or Bei Juan. The others are lovely places to stay and are very cheap depending on the time of year you are thinking of coming over. The Hotel Playamar and the Apartments Playamar are on the same complex in S'illot, the apartments are more expensive as they are nicer than the hotel rooms. The Palmeras Playa is a good choice as it is on the border of Sa Coma and S'illot, so you are only a short walk away from both towns, they do have majority of German guests and so the entertainment is mostly geared towards them, but again, it depends if you would spend a lot of time in the hotel. If you like to be out and about then it doesn't really matter! Hope this helps x
hi you'll have a lovely time in s'illiot, we loved it as a family last year when we went with my young daughter and grandparents. we stayefd at the playa moreia and there are plenty of reviews on this site, you can book direct with them as we did and they are very accommodating. if you do, request the seventh floor on the frnt for the sea views, amazing.
Hi Spangles. Lucky you. I would love to live in Sa Coma. Do you live there all year round? Do you work or are you lucky enough to be one of the idle rich :shock:
we loved cafe del mar in sa coma.....just opposite hypermarket....
Thank you all for your replys im making a note of everything

It must be lovely to live there spangles have you lived there long

will try to get round the bars/restaurants you have told me about

thanks again :D

Unfortunately i have to work, but who are these rich people you are talking about? Its lovely living here, ive been here years now and i can't seem to make enough money to stop working! Maybe i should open my own business, then i might stand a chance! Its starting to get a bit busier now and most of the bars & restaurants have opened, or are getting ready to open. Its such a shame they havent finished the harbour building work in Cala Bona though, i think lots of visitors will be very dissappointed. There are some new bars & restaurants in Sa Coma and in S'illot now, i notice something new nearly every day! We can't go out much now because we just got a puppy and i don't want to leave it indoors alone just yet! Its lovely walking around during the day though, especially in S'illot, it is so picturesque if you go into the old town and along to Cala Morlanda, and of course the best part is stopping for a quick drink in S'illot on the way home!
Hi Spangles

how easy is it to move to sillot such as getting a job and finding an apartment to rent and getting all the appropiate paperwork sorted and children into schooling.

My parents and Auntie have recently moved there which is why were surprise visiting them which is why i cant ask them anything about the place.

But it would be lovely to move there as most of my family are there now but i have 2 children so would never of thought about it until they were older.

any info would be great :D
Hi Spangles. What sort of work do you do. I am trying to persuade my hubby to make the move!

It's quite straightforward to move out here. To rent or buy a place you need to have a resedencia, which is your residents card and proof of ID. You do this through a solicitor, and there are many to choose from. The kind of work you can get here is very much only for 6 months of the year,usually from May until October, and most British people work in the bars and restaurants in the tourist areas. If you can speak Spanish then you could get a job elsewhere, especially if you drive, luckily i do and so i have been working in Manacor where there is more work year round. I work 8 months now, from 9 until 2, then 5 until 8 and i get 2 days off to go and enjoy the beach! There are always plenty of apartments for rent and you can expect to pay monthly around 400€ for a 2 bedroom in S'illot, it is slightly more expensive in Sa Coma at around 500€ for a 2 bedroom. The best time to find work is at this time of year, as this is when the bars/restaurants/hotels are just starting to open again for the summer, some places advertise in the window or local paper, some its just by word of mouth. When i only worked for 6 months and rented my apartment with a friend, so we shared the rent of 480€, i managed to save most of my wages because i was working 8 hours, 6 days a week and also it was in a bar so i got weekly tips. Of course i went out after work and during the day when i had free time, but i didn't ever seem to spend that much! I stayed here over those winters too and managed to get by with the money i had saved in the summer months. You do have to work very hard, and of course it gets very hot, but it is definetly worth it!
Hi Spangles sounds quite easy but think we may wait until next season and save some money up first. I have plenty of Travel and Tourism qualifications so dont think i would struggle with a job just need to learn spanish

Thank you for all your advice and reccomendations have took it all on board. When we come in july i will find out abit more about making the move plus need to find out if it would be ok for my children.

Many thanks
does anyone know if you can hire scooter in s'illot
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