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hi briggsy
you must be as mad as me?
i brought one back from paphos last year and it was the large one. managed to get it and beach towels in a large case. the tricky bit is the 3 skewers that dont fit,tuck them in the part where pull out handle is and tape them together then tape them to the handle. the woman on the ba desk said she had never seen it done before and the cypriots burst out laughing after sticking it through a seperate xray machine. the best bit though was telling my mother in law when i got back that she could buy one on (get it backwards). it lasted 6 months.
lol - like that one
I am going to try anyway as we promised ourselves last time we went to bring one home but didnt. On ebay last time I checked they were nearer to £100 plus the electric motors etc were extra. I will report back how I got on. I will pack my parcel tape lol

My parents brought one back last year, the one with the rotating 'spit' type. Excellent for kebabs!

I think they broke it down and packed in hold luggage.

Works a treat back here, although sadly the weather does come as part of the deal.
Bought a medium sized one off Ebay for £60.00 delivered with a motor. It has two large skewers and 11 small ones. Works a treat and used for two BBQ!'s for the world cup before coming out to Paphos. Put two large chickens (cubed) on to the two large skewers.

A medium sized one in Paphos cost us €68.00 with a motor. (It has three large skewers and 11 small ones)

Better to buy off Ebay but beware they will rust if they get wet !!!!


I was at a barbeque last weekend at my sons football club in Whetstone, North London. The 2 guys behind the charcoal were both London Cypriots and they used one of the spit roast BBQ's as well as a normal one.

As well as the usual sausages & burgers we also had grilled Halloumi, Loukanika, Cyprus style chicken and plenty of lamb chunks done on the skewer. The lamb tasted like Kleftiko, but was cooked on differently than the usual closed pot method

I asked where they got the spit roast BBQ from and it was from a shop called Despinas, which is near to Arnos Grove station, N11. I pass this place every day on the way to work, and will have a look ASAP to see how much they sell them for.
thanks for that paulie I appreciate it

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