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The 7 euro charge is a minor nuisance. But there may be a far more important issue regarding how passports may cease to be valid.
Often folk renew passports early and extra months are added to the expiry date. BUT in the event of a nodeal Brexit the extra months will not be valid and European trips will require 6 months of unexpired time which will NOT be able to count any "extra" months.
The government has launched a website tool to check any planned trips you may have booked against your passport. In my case a planned trip to Spain in September 2019 (yes, I do mean 2019) causes the system to tell me I must get a new passport. Even though my current expiry date is November 2020 (Yes I do mean 2020).
It is important to check your own passport in advance of planned trips using the website.
My passport doesn't expire until early April 2022, and it's saying I need to renew my passport for a trip to Spain in September 2019.(atm, I'm only thinking about going to Spain in September,)
Even if I took off 9 months for applying early before my last passport expired and having it added on, it's still valid until July 2021.

What the eck is that all about when you still have nearly 2 years left on your passport. :hmmm
Sanji x
The tool is useless -put my wife's data in (expiry June 2025) and it says that she needs a new passport for Italy in 2020!!
Maybe it's a new Brexit surprise about to be revealed by our government just at the time of the January debate, maybe we all will have to immediately get the French printed blue ones if there's No Deal.
Seriously - yes, I tried it out again. This software tool seems to be totally useless.
  • Edited by ukbill 2018-12-23 12:14:40
It's in Beta, so it needs the software tweaking and developing.
At the moment it's rubbish and misleading. :-D
Sanji x
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