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Hi Denise, I doubt very much that most places in Bugibba close at all in summer never mind close early, there are loads of bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants in this area, you will also be right next store to Qawra which is equally "full of life" and if you manage to run out of places to go at night (if you do god help your kidneys), you are only 20-30 minutes or so by taxi away from Paceville which would give Aya Nappa and Ibiza a run for there money with it's night life, so don't worry about places closing early, it just doesn't happen in summer time, please feel free to ask any more questions about Malta and I will be very happy to help you out.

Best wishes
Thanks for all the information. It sounds like we will find plenty to do. We have posted a few other questions.
I'm an italian guy, have been this year in Malta and i was with maltese friends so had the best guides and cars to move with, but i must say, honestly that although the nightlife is quite lively and enjoyable in Paceville, it finishs a bit earlier (except the weekend) than in Italy or Spain, where the night goes on until dawn and even after the clubs close, the fellowships go to the beach to chill out.

In Spain for ex. at 10 pm you're still by the sea and have dinner later, while in Malta the night started at 8 pm at best. We were based outside the tourist area and had to run to catch the last buses at 10, in facts used to Italian times we found some surprises such as going at the bus stop at 10.30 and find out the bus service was over.

Once settled it's a nice place though. Don't know very well about Bugibba but a good event can be(actually the place is called Mqabba or the Quarry) the Tribu Festival night on August 15th night but mind that at 2 am the night is finished!!!!!

I was upset cause i paid 12 liri and arrived at 11.30 as usual in every other mediterranean country. So bear in mind, Malta is a mediterranean country but it's a very particular one, especially for its timetable.
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