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Oh Dear, sorry to hear you didn't have such a good time Dave, yes the Bugibba area can appear a little bit erm "lived in", thats why whenever we go to Malta we go to Sliema, with regards to the time share louts yes they can be a bunch of boring, predictable, irritating low lives, anyway, surely you must have done lots of interesting things, so when you get a mo why don't you tell us about them ?.
We were considering Coastline for next year. Along with Florence, New York, and Las Vegas (the latter 2 being more expensive, but better exchange rate, and bargain hunting whilst there).

Still don't know what to do...but I might cross off the coastline now. We liked Sliema when we were there, but not enough bars.
Reply to lesley74, the coastline hotel is a good hotel if you are one of those people who like to stay in the hotel and not bother to go out much, the food is very good, bed rooms are big to most hotels plenty of hot water for the bath/showers clean towels every day (if not a bit hard) and the a/c works well. The A I package looks very good but if you book H B and then go on A I when there it is a bit cheaper than doing it with the tour firms. Some people have told of the smell from the rubbish tip and the salt pans but I never noticed perhaps it is in the summer that it is bad.
There is a free mini bus to Bugibba from ware you can get the local bus to most of the island, and most of the staff will help you out when nedded the only fault I could find with this hotel is that it is out of the way from sort of life be it night or day.
Over the next few days I will be putting a proper report on the hotel review page.

Dave :sun
Not sure if I'd want to stay in the hotel for the whole week, and not go anywhere though, since there's lots to see. I guess it's ok for those who hire cars too. We don't. We're still totally undecided on where we want to go...
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