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Come on, surely someone must have had an apartment or villa to furnish in the Fethiye area?
Mark G, can I suggest that you also post in the Turkey section as there may be somebody there who will be able to help.

How do I get there?

I thought I had posted it in the Turkey section?
Hiya Mark

I cant help as my place is in Marmaris, however seen loads of posts on the Fethiye area before - Have you checked through the historical posts? Or have you used the search facility?? You will find lots of info


Hi Mark,
Have you looked at http://www.calis-beach.co.uk/forum/default.asp This forum is for people who have or are thinking of buying in the Fethiye/Calis area of Turkey. there are loads of posts regarding the topic of furniture. One place that seems to come highly recommended is Eren Spot shop that sells virtually everything!
If you need any more info please pm me,
hope this helps, mibur. :lol:
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Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2005 5:42 pm Post subject:


Hi, there is a shop in Fethiye or Calis called Eren Spot. They do everything you mention, deliver very quickly and come highly recommended on the following two websites - if you go on them and do a search you will find out all you need to know



Thanks very much to everyone who has helped with this information. It looks like we will be paying a visit to Eren Spot to sort out our needs.

Once again, thanks everyone.

Mark :thanks
I found a thread which gave web addresses for Migros and other furniture stores in the Fethiye/Calis area but now I've lost it again.

Can anyone who has read it or posted on it remember the thread name?
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