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Best to open a turkish bank account and wire the money over when you get back to the UK. You can leave a minimal deposit for good faith. Offplan is very popular but make sure you know what you are paying and the total costs. A good solicitor will be essential and you can give him power of attourney for all your dealings.
As chelsea boy says, get a good lawyer.
Check out all permissions and that the deed will be single freehold deed.
Also make sure that you know exactly what you are getting and that no extras are to be added.
Also make sure that it is clear who pays certificate of habitation and services connection costs.
Also written details about management of site when built, committee, costs per month etc.
Get as much in writing as you can, and if buying through an estate agent make sure the builder/developer signs and agrees to all the above.
At the end of the day your contract is with the builder/developer not the estate agent.
Check also any get out clauses, both for yourself and the builder.
If you do not agree to something, get it removed from the contract.
Also be sure you find out the maintenance fees they can be expensive, and that there is a penalty clause for late completion, this should equate to the potential rental income you would lose.
Use a reputable estate agent and solicitor and you will not go far wrong , there is plenty of good deals around buying off plan , haggle for the deal and then get everything put in writing , have the funds wired to them, dont forget to get any penalty clauses added to it , eg if not finished in time get compensation from the builder, if you are not too sure at the moment where to locate to try getting on the google site for more info or look at the forums on Turkey,, good luck and grab a bargain property in turkey, i have one in Altinkum.
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You will not need a lot of money with you when you view, all you need to do is open a bank account here when you are on your viewing trip then you can send money later, and to open an account you will need a vergi card or tax card to you- dont worry this is very easy as well. Usually off plan payment stages run at about 25% down 30% when walls are complete 30% when roof on and windows in and balance on Tapu, but each developer varies a bit. Please make sure though that all specs for the build are listed in you contract, ie if they say PVC double-glazing make sure its in the contract etc or you may not get what you expected. one thing I would advise all off plan buyers is to insist that the tapu application is started immediately- this is because the developers tend to wait on this and then do the job lot at once but with there being a 6 month wait for the army to get an answer back if its done early then you can take possesion as soon as its complete. best of luck with it and if you need more advice get me via private message.
Probably got hold of the wrong end of the stick on this one.Heard lots of different stories on this.

If your off plan is on a complex. Am I correct in saying that sometimes the Tapu which covers the land does not get issued until after all of the properties are sold. Unless you make a big fuss at the outset.
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yep this is what I am on about. I personally own land here which I am going to develop, But when I start I am going to split the land thus I will be able to provide individual tapu as soon as the building starts and therefore speed the process a little (I hope, and I am not making a promise here but a promise of intention.) This will actually cost me a bit more but will provide my clients with a better service which is one of my aims in business here. For a few of us here this is not just about making a profit but actually providing a service.
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