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We went to Menorca last year and used CarJet. We didn't get the car we ordered (Corsa) so they gave us Fiat Multipla Diesel as it was all they had and it was given at no extra cost. Now the Fiat is a large car and is not for everyone - especially on some of the smaller road!!

If I recall, the deal with CarJet is that they give you a full tank of fuel, which you pay for, and then you try to empty it before you give it back. The Hiper rep said to me, that this is not always the case and they were happy if I wanted to re-fill the tank and they would automatically re-imburse me via my credit card - which is what we opted for as it was gonna be hard to use a full tank of diesel on the island in 7 days!! Our arrangement was that they would deliver the car to our apartment (Son Bou) and collect it 7 days later by us leaving the key at reception. The car was late arriving and when we left for UK, some 3 days after leaving the car for return to Hiper, it was still sitting at recpetion awaiting collection. One year on, we still haven't been re-imbursed the money for the fuel.

All this doesn't mean we wouldn't use CarJet next time, but we would use all the fuel!!

Another alternative is who were based in Son Bou and did have a good selection of small modern cars for hire - and at £100 per week, seemed a good deal to.
I booked a hire car a few days ago with booked it to pick up and drop off at the airport, on the info sheet it says that i'm dealing with a company called Centauro rent a car. Has anyone dealt with these before, and would it be the same case as the other postings - they take you to their depot to pick up the car, i never realised this when i booked....I don't want any nasty surprises when i arrive in late May.
centauro have a desk in the airport itself, last year carjet were using hiper and they dont have a desk in the airport , so thats why people were taken to thier office, so im sure you will just need to go to the desk in the airport.

i haven't delt with centauro myself but its quite a big company with offices all over spain, as for car jet i have used these numerous times on my travels around spain and always had no problems and excellent customer service.
hope this helps

happy hols!!
Brilliant news, thanks for putting my mind at rest.
We are going to the Paradise Club Apartments on the 20th May and would like to hire a car for 2/3 days to see the rest of this beautiful island.

Do you know how much Car Hire is at this time of the year...... we are a family of 2 Adult and 2 little uns so would be looking at just a small 2/4 door car with ac. ?

We also have family going the same week, who may require a 7 seater... I know these tend to be rather expensive, any idea on prices ?

thankyou so much for your help.... and what a great forum this is for info!!!
You could mooch around here for some quotes :-

We didn't bother hiring before we left - we waited until we got to resort but we were there in the June, high season may be less choice am not sure.

We were glad we hired a car as with the Island being small you could flit about from area to area in no time.
Not sure about 7-seaters but expect to pay about £20 a day + fuel used for a compact Clio size car with aircon. Here's a link to booking agents that deal with car hire companies that deliver to or have offices in your resort with fully comp insurance and no insurance excess to pay in the event of an accident.
Hi there

we are travelling with a 3 and a 5 year old to Cala n Forcat on 10 June and would like to know the nearest car hire place to the resort. We are there for a fortnight and thinking of hiring a car for the middle week.

It is our first visit to Menorca and we are very excited. We will be staying in a one bedroom apartment at Oasis Park. Does anyone know if there is built in air conditioning? Also, how well equipped are the kitchens for utensils and cooking equipment.

Many thanks
Our hotel reviews can be accessed from the link at the top of the forum here are the reviews for your apartments :-

You can also access resort reports from the top of the page.
Hello, we stopped at the Oasis Park 1st 2 weeks in June last year :D and believe me the holiday we have booked for this year, (we go to Majorca on Sat 4th),has a lot to live up to :!: Yes to air conditioning and kitchen basic, but enough, utensils

There is a car hire place directly opposite the main entrance just over the road and we got a really good deal and a car seat included for our then 3 year old. The owner even gave us a map :o and highlighted places of interest - good beaches, nice towns to visit and places to give a miss :!:
He also does a money exchange service which seemed to do the best rates at the time.

The best and cheapest supermarket was also opposite :glynis but just to the right and the Fountain Restaurant, opposite to the left, is fab, great Irish coffees and they really make a fuss over the kids :D

I hope you have as great a time as we had and hope this is of some help :)
Hi all,

I've been going to Menorca for a good 10 years now, but have never needed to hire a car as someone with me has always had one. However, as I am just going with one friend this year, we will be hiring the car.

The problem: we're both 18 years old.

Are there any hire companys who will hire a car to drivers under 21 yrs age (this seems the minimum age for the companys I've seen)?

What about motorbike/moped hire?

I really do need to get around the island and taxis everywhere do add up.

Thanks in advance. :D
J-man - hopefully one of our members will answer your post soon, however, please do not 'bump' your posts. it breaks the rules - thanks ;)
Kath HT Admin
Hi - check this website - - email address as well - can recommend this Company, used them many many times over the years. Will deliver to airport for you. I am sure on website they show mopeds/motor bikes as well as cars.

Sorry have no idea whether you can hire car at 18 years of age, but send an email and check it out.

Have a great holiday, just take care on the roads driving on opp. side!! but as you know Menorca roads are good, and have not encountered crazy drivers as in other Countries!

Thanks for the reply.

From the website:

All drivers must to be at least 21 years old and have held a driving licence for at least one year, except for groups D, E and G, for which the driver must to be at least 25 years old and have held a driving licence for at least one year.


I think this is going to a recurring theme with the difficulty in insuring younger drivers these days. We're not all bad!

Oh dear, sorry but it looks as if you will not be able to hire a car, I agree just because you are young you are penalised because some are so stupid on the roads.

When are you in Menorca? and what part of the island do you stay in? We are in Son Bou 26th June to 10th July - if near there at same time, will try and help you with lifts. Give me contact email.

Take care

Hi Lena,

I will be in Menorca in early August for just a week staying in the Port of Mao. Thankyou very much for the offer though, that's very kind.

I hope you have a great holiday. :D

Hi Josh

Sorry you are not there when we are, never mind at least you are in Mahon where there is a good bus service across the island, I think!!

Have a great holiday, you could maybe try when you are there to hire moped. You might be lucky especially with small moped, surely your age is ok for that. Good luck anyway.

Thanks for your good wishes, I am sure we will enjoy our holiday, we love Menorca.

Take care


Can anyone recommend which car hire company to use form Mahon airport in July/Aug?
Have heard that there is a transfer to the office with some companies but as we are arriving late at night with 3 children in tow we really want to collect a car directly from the airport.
Many Thanks for any info.
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