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are you sure on those dates ?? looks like its a week earlier

The Nadur Organised Carnival 2008 will be held on Sunday the 27th of January 2008 at 1.00pm, whilst the Nadur Childrens Carnival will be held on Friday the 1st of February 2008 at the Nadur Primary school, also at 1.00pm. The Spontaneous Carnival will be held from the 1st - 5th of February 2008, and will be held along December 13th Street after sunset.

31 Jan 2008 - 06 Feb 2008
So is it not just 1 day of carnival in Malta? I can't get away 'till 2nd Feb and wouldn't like to miss the main event. Hubby would kill me as he wants to go to the Canary Isles for a bit of sunshine and I am holding out for the carnival in Malta. Any ideas?
Send him to Tenerife :bawl and take me to Malta :yikes :shock: 8)
sounds good to me :wink: what about Mrs Holiday Maker, does she want to go to the Canaries?
Hello charliegirl, we have just come back from Tenerife and Mrs Holidaymaker really likes it there, so no bother there they could look at Mount Teide all week. We could then walk round all the Forts and battlements, and at night we could go for midnight swims in the Blue Lagoon :shock:

Mr Charlie says thats ok. shall i book it ? :wink: What is the temp at the Blue Lagoon this time of year?
"What is the temp at the Blue Lagoon this time of year?" about 15-16C, so skinny dipping is out !
so skinny dipping is out !

What about chubby dipping for us full figured Northern chaps ? :D
Right you lot you better get back on to Carnival before Biff gets you :offtop

What about chubby dipping for us full figured Northern chaps ?

Better hope there are no Japanes whalers hiding behind Camino just waiting to trawl the Blue Lagoon :wink
I,m going to attend the carnival, nice to see all the Malta pearly queens come out and dress up, the floats and bands are always of a great standard, just hope the weather holds, Chubby dipping sounds good to me, would be like the great white causing a partial eclipse, what better way of ending the day.
Carnival is also really nice in Austria (where it's called Fasching) and also in places like Cologne, Duesseldorf, Aachen etc :)
Of course the most famous is in Rio. Still, can't be in all of these great places at the same time for Carnival which is at the beginning of Feb.
Is 'carnival' the same time all over the world 'cause I really do fancy Venice at Carnival time but the costs are way over the top for Carnival time
just wanted to go :offtop again and try a few of the new smilies :rofl

:hot :bling :haha
Sorry charliegirl007 for hijacking your post :cheers
I won't do it again biff AKA Kath :shush
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