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corrine - my sister & I and our respective husbands have booked that very hotel for next August. I was already looking forward to it, before reading your report - even more so now. It'll be our first trip to Croatia, so any sort of price guidance for food/drinks will be welcome. We are H Board, but will probably eat out a few times during our fortnight stay
Hi Helen

Prices were very reasonable for food and drink - I think it was about £1.80 for a glass of wine or a bottle of beer at the hotel bar, large bottles of still water were £2 in the hotel restaurant, but about 50p in the supermarket. Ice cream was 80p a scoop at the ice cream shop and the lunchtime cheese and ham platters at Cafe Rosa were £5 each including a glass of wine. I think we spent under £300 in total on lunches, snacks, drinks, travel and sightseeing during our week. Any other queries - just ask!
Don't know how I missed this -so sorry. thanks for the info. Not long to go for us now
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