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Does anyone know the e-mail address for this hotel
Hi Dawn

I believe it's

Yes kezza that is the one,
sent them many emails last year, stayed there last year and going back june 4th fab hotel

We're also staying here this year in August.
Can anyone recommend which room to request? (where abouts in the hotel)
Are there any rooms which are on the same level as the reception?
We would like a quiet room which is low floor.
Also what facilities are available in the room, tea/coffee, hairdrier, pool towel service?

Thanks Lisa 8)
Thanks Kezza thats great
hi lisa,
we stayed in room 312 last year, overlooking pool and sidesea view, we had a lovely room, but found it not big enough for 2 adults and 2 children, we have requested for this year bunk beds for the kids, because we seen them in another room, my parents were on the same floor as us and their room looked massive without the 2 single kiddy beds,
they were towards the back of the hotel and said the noise from the bars sometimes kept them awake.
Rooms have tea/coffee/milk and kettle. They also provide bathrobes/hairdrier.
pool towels u get from indoor pool area.
no rooms on reception floor as thats where you go for evening dinner and also theres a bar and games room and shop.

hope this helps,

Thanks for that, I shall put our requests in soon.
Do you think that if we ask for pool view or even for a room around 112 we would be facing in the right direction?
Does the hotel usually e-mail you back as confirmation of your request or do you not find out until you get there as to whether you have the rooms you have requested or not.
hi lisa and dawn,
yes lisa I think you would be in the right direction (but check it out incase)

dawn, Andreas usually emails you back, and says he will do his utmost for your request, Email them around 1/ 2 weeks before you go as I think they have the list of holidaymakers then.

Booked to go to constantinos hotel, we are going half board but my question is, which might be a bit silly, for the evening meal do men have to wear long trousers or are 3/4 length ok???
Not a stupid question at all.We stayed there last year and was informed that long trousers were a must.However,there were several wearing 3/4 length trousers or long shorts which they seemed to get away with.In the end I just wore my shorts but didn't wear a belt so that they slipped down a bit and gripped onto my hip bones.A bit risky as they could quite easily have slipped all the way down to my ankles whilst walking back to the table with my hands full :oops:
We have reviews for this hotel HERE

Kath HT Admin
Has any one been to this hotel recently or does it close for winter If anyone has been can they please tell me the room numbers of the top rooms with the parcial sea views, do they supply pool towels and what is supplied in the rooms EG. Kettles room safes ect.
Many Thanks
Hi Roger

I have merged your post with an existing topic on this hotel. There may be some information in earlier posts while you wait for a specific reply.

luci :wave
hi everyone im new to this so help me please,
has anyone stayed at this hotel or do you know anyone that has we are in our 60s and going there next week as a retirement holiday but i keep reading bad reports about it and dont want to spoil it for my wife who is just retiring from work after 30 years in the same job,please help.
Hello and welcome,I stayed there last October,Do not expect 5 star,More like a reasonable four star,Rooms ok,Breakfast is the best meal,Dinner to be missed,Hope you are only B&B.Great location.It will be a nice relaxing time,Enjoy.
thanks horrible at least its not a 2 star as i feard we are on an all inclusive :cheers so i hope meals are better now than they were for you
many thanks ;)
Hi, we've stayed there twice but in August and also going again this year. Any bad reports I have ever read have always been when people have been out of season (more like winter). We are both really fussy eaters, my husband also suffers with a bad stomach and the smallest thing can set him off, we go all-inc and we can honestly say that we have never had a bad meal, in fact we've never been away and my husband has enjoyed his food so much, our reason for doing something we have always said we would never do and that is returning to the same place more than once. Like said before, the hotel is more like a good 4 star than a five, but saying that the price is more like a 4 star so I suppose that is to be expected.
I think as well, you can't account for it being the usual chef or supplier when you go away. A couple of years ago we went to a hotel in Tenerife over Xmas and new year and had read glowing reports, there were also people there who had been 14 years on the trot and they couldn't believe how bad it was that particular year.
I'm sure you and your wife will have a lovely holiday, the hotel is in an excellent location and will be a relaxing break. :cheers
thank you for that information puts my mind at rest a bit, and thank you all who answered me first time ive used this site and seems very helpfull people. ;)

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