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I totally totally agree with you. I used to love going out and coming back loaded with holiday brochures. I used to take them to bed for my bedtime reading! Obviously brochures are still available in the shops but personally the only drawback for me now is my failing eyesight. Sometimes it is so hard to read the small print. Even if I had not visited a particular resort/hotel I feel I had visited just from doing my "homework".

Your are right, it just doesn't feel the same booking on the net. I do know of people who now prefer to go back to booking with the travel agents as opposed to doing it by themselves..
I agree. In this day and age where electronic media is readily available and in the interests of saving energy and paper, it's e-brochures all the way for me. I still have some older ones that get used for reference purpoases, but I tend not to get new ones to save on paper. If I need to print an odd page after downloading the relevant brochure, it's far less waste than bringing home bags of brochures like we used to have to.

Even though I dont book anything from a brochure anymore I still somtimes bring them home just to have look through ;) . I agree, it was all part of the excitement going through the brochures and choosing something.
Well I still take brochures, I still go into the travel agent and we still pay cash..........................sounds crazy in this techno, gizmo. electronic world we live in, but, it is one of the last bastions of sanity left, one little oasis, that I refuse to give up until I really have to.
I enjoy sitting with my brochures, drinking a coffee and chatting to the girls, who I have known for years, asking them to look in the gazateer, and then say ok, now "Price it up" they sit and check everything for me, and, if I have found it cheaper anywhere else, internet, shop, whatever, they price match..........I love everything about it, and yes, ok the internet is fabulous for instant pictures of where we want to go, reviews of where we want to go, prices of where we want to go, but at times people, don't you just want to tell IT where to go?..............

And brochures are out on Tuesday (28th) for your 2011 holidays....................form an orderly queue.

I love my holidays, I love my lap top, I love my e mails, my credit and debit cards, and my super quick response time with answers to questions, but holidays, should be relaxed, chilled and for me, a brochure or 6 just seals the deal.

Trifle x :sun2
Internet all the way for me, I'm afraid - can't remember the last time I was even in a travel agent, never mind looking at brochures.
We always look on-line and then go to travel agent and book,always get a price match,too.T.
Trifelbum: I might have just been persuaded to go and collect a few new brochures next Tuesday ;-)

You've inspired me!!
Oh I just love everything about holidays , and if I inspire anyone to go and look at brochures in a good old fashioned way, then hey, you've made my day, doesn't matter where we holiday, doesn't matter how much we pay, I just think once those brochures are out, and the anticipation of what's new for next time is there in front of you, happy days.

Trifle. x :hols
I love looking through the holiday brochures. I even take the one with our hotel in on holiday with us! Just in case there is a big difference from the description given in the brochure. We tend to book on the internet these days though.
Last year was the first time I booked online (this years holiday), and that was only because I found a deal that was £1000 cheaper than the brochure, rang an travel agent, and she said it was wrong and she was going to ring TC and checki....so we booked it quick. Either way, it was correct.

I still get the brochures...after landing in August at 3am, hubby was picking them up at 9am :D We'd booked by lunch the next day....last year was meant to be my teenagers last family holiday with us, somehow we went away in october, and their four plane tickets booked for july :whoops
I always plan, choose and book my holiday, hotel etc on the internet as I like to do my own research and not rely on what the TO tells me.
Although I used to have loads of travel brochures in the house when I used to do it the old fashioned way, I don't pick up loads now. After booking on-line, I sometimes pop into the TA just to pick up the brochure that my hotel's featured in so I can look at it now and again to keep up the excitement :D
Well I used to get all the brochures .In fact back in the good old days before Ht and the internet took over my life I would sit there in my lounge surrounded by brochures , getting together my short list and then changing my mind again . For days and days this would go on and my world was totally consumed by it for a week or two .

I could never throw out a brochure either . I hoarded piles and piles of them going back years just in case they were needed .When I first joined HT many years ago I even remember us all discussing our huge piles of out of date brochures and Pippi (where has she got to) posted a picture of hers . I had tears rolling down my cheeks because mine was even bigger.

But Ht has changed that and I rarely go into the Travel agents any more and collect brochures. Of course I have a few here , well more than a few . In fact odd brochures that sound appealing but probably would never get the chance to do.Like cottage's in Tuscany and coach tours around Europe . I like to look at the pictures though :rofl

In fact it wasnt until last week when I was helping my dear friend through the stress of choosing and booking an A/I holiday in turkey that I realised how out of touch I was with the wide choice of new hotels available .
she even left me a pile of hers.

So guess what , when the brochures come out ,next week is it, I'm heading down there to stock up and re educate myself.

I have only ever seen other people's holiday brochures, I have never got one myself. And I found them quite confusing!

I am 35 years old, and have ALWAYS booked my holidays on the internet. That said - I never had many holidays before I was 25 and have made up for it since!
Even if you book up on the internet, it is still worth having the brochure with you when you go holiday as the hotel specification, meals, pool, etc. do not always meet the truth when you arrive,it gives you concrete evidence if you have to make a complaint.
PS . lynwestie it must be great or dissapointing which ever way you look at it to see the changes in the price of holidays in the last 10-5 years?

We use to get the brochures many years ago but stopped all that with the advent of the internet. This stopped last June when we invested in a property in Turkey. When sorting out the holiday, I would scour the net all over xmas and would book up by February. Now we only use the net for finding the cheapest flights !!

I book on internet these days now but the wife likes all her travel brochures, she goes to different agents in cse she misses out on any. :think Our front room has a pile stacked high of them and to give her credit I do think they are useful in choosing the right place.

Where do you folks look on the internet to see the different hotels and resorts? we look in the brochures first which I find easier as they are all together and then I check the hotel on the internet and trip advisor or good old HT. :cheers I would not know where to start just looking on the internet. We love Turkey and know where we like but we also like to try other countries as well, my wife is always banging on about Goa Mexico Tahiti and the Carribean. About time I hid them brochures he he :rofl
I've gone on the various TO websites and see what they've got on offer, we've usually had a resort in mind and so it is then a matter of finding the right hotel for us. For the past three years we've been using Goldtrail and so i've gone straight to their website, their product has served our needs well and at an affordable price.

I think it's much quicker to get the correct pricing on the internet as you can put in exactly what date you want and more importantly which airport you want to fly from. When looking at the price in a brochure you have to look in the back to find out your flight supplement and add it on to the basic price in the hotel price panel. On the web, it's all done automaticaly.

The first thing I do is to narrow down my choice to one or two countries and then look at the main TO websites for a price for my dates. I will read the details of the hotels I look the like of and then scour a few sites (including HT) for reviews. Only after doing this for weeks, will I finally decide and book. Oh and I will price DIY too, although it hardly ever works out cheaper for me from my local airport during peak weeks.
Yes i still use the brochures and travel agents , i look through the brochures then use the forums for comments about hotels/apts and resorts . I will price up a few take them with me and see what the TA comes up with and then compare and see if they will price match . I prefer to deal with a TA just in case of problems , would rather speak face to face than to somebody at the end of the phone .
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