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in a word NO , sorry been there done it and left very quick , its very very dodgy and i would not like my worst enemy to see what actually happens behind the scenes , what teh tourists do not see , stay clear youa re bettre working ina bar at least you will get paid which you tend not to in teh sales also if you complain they will sack you there and then and also make sure you dont get another job in the sales and also terrorise you so you have to leave for your own safety

have agood look throught the posts on http://www.crimeshare.net in teh news section on the canaries and you can make up your mind but i do adviseread teh archives as well as there is some very nasty stuff in there and i do reccommend wholeheartedly do not do it
Ahem.... in a word YES.

There is more than just timeshare sales positions on this island.

Estate agents are always looking for new sales staff. Most wont be terrorising you or threatening you or tie you up to a tree half way up Mt Teide and leave you for dead, but will (as in any sales industry) sack you if you don't sell.

Check out the Tenerife estate agents web sites, many have recruitment sections. Also keep a regular check on Oasis FM's web site's job page. You will find many sales positions from all industry's advertised on there.
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