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Hi Anita & :welcome
If you are retired Anna then I'd have thought that was fine. Plenty of retired people travel.

They will be more interested in criminal convictions at entry I would have thought & as long if you have enough funds to support yourself during your visit.

Until someone with more knowledge gets back to you THIS SITE appears to be helpful.
  • Edited by Fiona 2018-01-17 20:43:35
Thanks for your input, My worry is if I put No to the question as technically I don’t havea paid job, the computer will think, how can this person afford the holiday and decline the application.
I over worry, they should have a box to add other details.
Thanks for the nice welcome 🙋🏻
This is not the case - they are more concerned with a criminal record as opposed to what you are asking.

They also want to know your parents names? My only unclear thought with the other question, why previous job? Some retired people may have retired in their early fifties.
Anna- if you look at that section, the only compulsory part is "do you have a current or previous employer".
Nobody needs to fill in further details. I wouldn't worry.

I have no recollection of this section when I filled it in last year.
One tip- print out your ESTA and take it with you. My husband had problems when there was a glitch and at passport control he was told he didn't have an esta. The proof of the esta made sure they could check online. They weren't interested before that.
  • Edited by Fiona 2018-01-17 20:44:11
Parents names are pretty normal information needed in any visas. Don't overworry. :),
Where are you off to?
Hi Fiona, I’ve decided to do a tour called The Golden West starting point is LA.
Have to get Carer’s in for my hubby as it’s nearly 3 weeks long.
I do over worry, my concern was to say I didn’t have a previous employer!

Thanks for your thoughts on this
Is that the Cosmos one? Haven't been to LA but have been to San Francisco and Las Vegas. Love them both.
I can understand you worrying but you deserve a great break!
Hi Fiona, yes it’s with Cosmos, I initially wanted to do the Canadian Rockies tour with the rail tour. But the single supplement was really high! They had no single share on the system. So next choice was the tour of California.
You will love it!
Getting an ESTA used to be as an email notification. Now it's only online - you retrieve it with your application reference number + Date of Birth and Passport No (+Surname?) .....
.... so as soon as you see your reference, write it down AND keep it safe !!!
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