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Hi Vicky,

I would suggest you get in touch with Martin Espinal from Isiara Tours he comes highly recommended by many of us who frequent the Dom Rep on a regular basis. You will get your tours at cheaper prices than buying them from your Tour Rep as they hike the prices with their commission. Here is Martins website and there is an email contact on the site too.

Check that your travel insurance covers you if you go on a trip that isn't with the tour op as some don't!

The trips with Martin all come with insurance cover he is not a dodgy seller of excursions so anyone booking with him will have no problems you can ask to see his insurance cover certificate.


Many thanks for your recommendations I will take a look at Martins website - thanks for your concerns Laura - i used to be a rep for Thomsons a few years back and so I am aware of the dodgy sellers and insurance clauses - you dont want to get caught out by these!!!

Thanks again

Vicky xxx

I'm sorry to bump an old topic but I have recently found awesome Excursions in the Dominicana Republic´╗┐ and during my last holiday there I enjoyed my time with these cool guys!
So if you in doubts don't worry - this was really nice experience
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