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I have 3 favourite islands which I constantly go back too. Kefalonia is one and I stay in the resort of Poros. No tour operators go there now and it has a great feel as it a working port.
Skiathos is another favourite and Koukanaries is the resort I stay at. Gorgeous beaches within easy reach and a laid back atmosphere in the evening. Also you are guaranteed a seat on the bus into town! The town is fantastic at night time too if you want something a bit livelier.
Skopelos is my third favourite. Very uncommercialised, they didn't even try and cash in on Mama Mia after it was filmed there! It feels like Greece was 40 years ago. I love it and this is my destination for 2019 😎
I have fancied trying Skiathos in the past. It looks gorgeous. Was a bit worried it would be too quiet.
It's many years since I travelled to any of the Greek islands & before I met my husband.

He doesn't like anywhere too hot so have been avoiding researching them. However, I think he'd love the atmosphere & beauty of the islands. I need to find one with a cool breeze. I can't cope with lots of flies or wasps 😱.

We now tend to go to Fuerteventura for the cool wind & minimum flying insects.
This is so difficult, over the past 20 odd years we have travelled to Greece and the islands, there are so many we really enjoyed, we have visited many of the smaller islands and would have to say quite a few are on our list of favourites, Sikinos, Syros, Halki,
Donoussa, Kassos, to name a few. Not easy to pick out of a list that numbers 36. Also have to name Crete, as we have been there 16 times to 9 different resorts, with the size of the island there are so many variations of resort, and scenery ,there are some we would never go to, but, so many more, something for everyone.

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We would definitely prefer the smaller Islands Tony or, a small resort on a larger Island.

I've noticed however, that some of the smaller Islands can only be reached by ferry from a larger one. I think this would put us off.
Kos is my fave island. The resort of Psalidi is very nice. Not much there, about 4 tavernas and couple of bars. But Kos town is a 30 min walk away which has more life. If you stay clear of Kardamina, Kefelos and Tigaki, you tend to get a more international clientele which I prefer.

Lesbos (Lesvos) is also great. Probably the least commersialised island and the cost of living is cheaper than most other Greek islands.

Used to love Alykes on Zante, but it is a very British resort with quite a few karaoke, tribute act bars and because of that I no longer go there

Looking to return to Kos next summer
This is such a helpful post! We cruised through Greece 2 years ago with our toddler and I loved Athens and Mykonos. Santorini was having a heat wave and we got scolded for not putting a hat on our son and basically felt like the worst parents on Earth.
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