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I would recommend Parga on the mainland, take a look at this topic

Graham :)
You could take a look at Lesvos - we were there several years ago and stayed in Petra. We found it very traditional. One place didn't have a menu and you had to go into the kitchen to see what you wanted to eat.
The little church at the top of the village is really pretty and a walk up there to watch the sunset is a must.
Molyvos is just a short taxi ride away if you fancy a change as it's a bit busier.
Longos on Paxos - beautiful and traditional ask Xenos UK for more details, its her favourite place.

Myrtos on Crete - not pretty, pretty (burned down by the Germans during the war) but very much a lived in place.

Emborios on Kalymnos.

Telendos island 15 minutes from Kalymnos. (no cars here!!)
Stoupa on the mainland sounds what you are looking for.
The beaches are good, safe and sandy. Plenty to do but not loud and brassy.
Kosmar have some decent accomodation and are good value for money.

The outer resorts on Skiathos are ok with easy access into the town for a bit more lively feel.

Paralio Astro in the northern pelopponese also quite interesting.


Good hunting
The beaches on Paxos are mainly pebbly, but if you're absolutely desperate to get sand in your eyes, hair, suntan oil and everywhere else, you can always get a boat to Anti Paxos for a few hours! Everything else in Loggos fits what you're looking for.

You can look at my mini-guide to Paxos if you want to find out a bit about it.
Many thanks to the replies so far. Iv'e been looking at Parga and it sounds great. Will look at other suggestions and make my mind up soon! Cheers
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