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Welcome to HT MMurphy! We all start as newcomers, but soon become good friends.

I can't really tell you about camping and caravanning in this area because I've always stayed in a hotel or B&B. But if you contact the regional tourist authority for Calvados (the area around Cherbourg) you'll get loads on info. Just put 'Comite Regional du Tourisme, Calvados' in Google and you should get details. You can email them in English - and they will reply to you in English, and send you brochures in English if you wish.

There's a lot to see - your kids will love it - the Bayeux Tapestry, the DD Landings, Cider making and tasting, Percheron cart horses, good food, sandy beaches, pancakes and possibly also the Mont St Michel (depending on where you decide to stay!).

You shouldn't find driving too difficult ... put your kids on 'roadside watch' to tell you if you're on the right side of the road or not .... usually when coming out of a side turning a few days after arrival!!

Be aware of 'priorite àdroite' for tiny farm roads in particular! Should you be unsure of the various speed limits, put them (and their mph equivalents) on a post-it note in the middle of your steering wheel!!!

Have a wonderful time - and research your holiday fully before you go! Planning is part of the fun.
wow that sounds fab mmurphy, hope you have a great trip can i come :lol:


sorry forgot to say welcome to ht :)
If you go to Roscoff TY-Nadan is really nice site. It is on on of the Castels group and you find details at
Thanks for your replies guys. I'm looking forward to researching the site. I'm also off to Atlanta in a couple of months, so I must browse the US section of the site! :)
That's great Briarskeg - I'll look forward to hearing how your friend got on. :D
MM are you a member of any camping or caravanning type clubs. If so they will also be of help re travelling abroad.
Hello m murphy
sounds like were on the same side of the channel.
check complaints about brittany ferries if ur considering going from cork. :x
france is fab, been there last 4 years with trailer tent and kids 4 - 12.
pick campsites 4star kids love good slides and pools. what time are you going gets hotter the farther south you go in july & aug.
just type camping france and it will give you about 11,000 choices.
Thanks guys. galwaylad - hope to spend some time up around your part of the country during the summer. can you recommend any nice campsites?
This gives all the sites in Irl county by county.Try some and see , before you go to France!!!!!. I consider the few I have been to,as fields with some plugs in them.When you see the standard in France you`ll know what I mean.
We went Cork- France last year.Landbridge With I F the year before and Rosslare-France year before.Going Stenna line this year through UK.
I am trying them all, Britteny Ferries found to be the most ignorant so far by miles. :evil:
If you like wine load up comming home from France.
That's the plan Galwaylad - you can fit so much more wine in a campervan than in a car! :wink: Thanks for the website link.
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