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Hi can anyone tell me what the coast fishing is like at Porto Soller can we use a wip or do we need a rod , also whats the bait to use many thanks Bob.
I usually find when fishing in the med from rocks or harbours that baits such as bacon, sweetcorn, bread and pasta usually work. Some supermarkets and tackle shops (if you can find one) sometimes sell live bait such as worms.

Experience has taught me that you really need to use small hooks. Size 14, 16 or sometimes even 18s.
Thanks hi de hi thats given me some ideas on how to fish on Majorca
cheers pal.
Yeh quite agree with Hi De Hi

don't watch the local kids, they appear to be after JAWS, if you are a canal and pond fisherman, just use light tackle, as you would on a canal or pond, 16s, 18s, even smaller hooks, I have only used bread, rolled tightly. Great sport, they fight like holy hell for small fish, about the size of a small bream, but fight much more. Just be careful though, there are a couple of fish with nasty stings, especially one that looks a bit dogfish like but darker, caught one once and just cut my line with my fag. You have to be really quick with the strike, they don't take second chances, good sport though.

We normally take quite small telescopic rods with us (5-6ft) but actually managed to snap one of these in half while fishing at Soller.
If you get a chance try casting from the harbour/jetty back towards the soller beach end of the resort using a bubble float and floating breadcrust (inch sized lumps on a size 8 hook)..........there are some decent sized Mullet (s##t snappers) swimming around (hence the broken rod).
I must agree with the other replies as well, smaller hooks and floats will make a great days entertainment and rolled bread was our favoured bait, we learnt a few lessons from some German children fishing as well....instead of rolled bread they were using a dough like substance that they said their Mum had made that morning, they let us have some and it stayed on the hooks far better than bread.
We go back out there in October and are planning to take one of those premade packs of pastry you see in supermarkets with us to see if this works the same way as the dough.
As previously mentioned watch out for what looks a perfectlty innocent fish, a lot of the small pretty looking ones have gills and fins like our bass , plenty of cloth required.
Hope you have a great time and catch loads.
don't forget technically you need a fishing licence to fish anywhere. also there are places you specifically cannot fish in especially harbours and less than 100m from swimmers.
The dough stuff was probably made by soaking pasta overnight in cold water then moulding the soft pasta into a ball.
Thanks every one we now have a better chance of catching something cheers .
I agree I also take a 6ft telescopic, bought it there in May, about 12 euros, I take my own reel, and tackle. Usually a pack of 18s and 20s hooks to about 2lb line, the old barbed ones, and a couple of small canal floats, always take a disgorger, they can really swallow these sea fish. I generally get about 15 to 20 fish an hour, I agree you do sometimes have to watch for sharp gills, and fins, though they are generally very similar to our perch.

don't know where you've been fishing but believe me you don't need any kind of licence to fish in the sea, or harbour, just watch the locals, you will find lots of them in the afternoon trying to catch their tea! Remember, most of these holiday destinations in Mallorca were once fishing villages, they regard the sea as an open season, all year round. You may need to acquire a day ticket if you wish to fish freshwater streams rivers or lakes inland, very similar to our own fisheries, but not the sea

Well on licences, a resident here in Alcudia was asked by an official - when sea fishing. He didn't have a licence. Didn't think he needed one, but he did. I think Martin is right. All those folk seen fishing for their teas may well have licences. There is a whole load of info on fishing ("pesca") at the Balearic Government website. Trouble is the documents are in Catalan or Castilian. But, yes, seems you do need a licence for any form of fishing.

As to how rigorously they check up though, I don't know.
Hi All,

My husband, daughter, my parents & myself are going to the Tropico Playa for a week on 14th Oct

Can anyone give me some advice on if it is possible to get fishing trips from Palma Nova as my dad is a keen fisherman & my husband enjoys sea fishing also ?

Thanks in advance for all responces

I know absolutely nothing about these guys but.....

might be what you are looking for. I will ask around locally and see if anyone has any first hand experience of these or anyone else.
Thanks VirginPaul

Will check it out
Is there anywhere in Puerto Pollensa where the kids can go fishing we are staying near the marina

Cheers Mark
Most of the locals fish off of the beach or one of the short piers on the Pine Walk. You are not allowed to fish off of the Marina docks, although I have seen it done off of the end of the breakwater at the exit. Another place is the breakwaters at the river or the end of the South Beach. The only time that is practical anywhere in the centre is in the evening. During the day you would have to walk to breakwaters at the river or the end of the South Beach.
hi anyone fished in Alcudia in the bell vue apartments? if so is it a freshwater lake or salt water? are there any carp?
if its the one im thinking of its salt water and when last there not many fish. cant think of any fresh water fishing in the islands
Hi Almera,
Alcudia and Balearic Islands is a very good place for fishing. You can find lots of boats for fishing trips in Mallorca in Tom's Catch website.
Thomas is a passionate about fishing and catches boats all over the world. Highly recommended.
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