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No problem at all. There is a metro station in the Airport. Buy a metro ticket (very cheap about 5 euro) and make one change of line. I think the change station is Sants but check this on the metro map at the airport station as I am working from memory. Trains run very frequently - every half hour or so

During your holiday remember about the metro line as you can easily pop to other resorts for day trips
Hi Terry thanks for the information it is very much appreciated, I think we will be travelling by train quite a lot. many thanks Larry.
Hi just a little tip, it is actually easier to stay on the airport train and change at Mataro which is approx 10-12 stops from Sants station and a lot quieter when you have got suitcases etc. The train then leaves Mataro for Santa Sussana about 10 minutes later.
Stayed at santa susanna last year and used the trains every other day to travel to the other resorts, very easy and cheap just state your destination and you then put your ticket in a machine on the platform.
we went to tossa de mar which you can get a combination ticket which covers the bus rides as well, got the train to blanes you get off straight onto the coach, then to loret straight off onto coach and then to tossa was there in about 1 hour, or you can get the boat straight there from the beach but it is expensive but a nice ride takes an hour, we went to blanes one day callella another you can walk to pineda the train to barcelona takes about 1 hour 10 mins and it is sants you need, we went diy to the football stadium very good service all along the coast


I am in a similar position - but travelling to calella.

So far many people have been helpful, but I have found a website that gives the timetables it is -

copy and paste this and it will take you straight to the site - it seems easier than the other routes through the renfe site. Only one thing - it is in spanish! However they is a website that translates things -

translates from any language into english and back again and it is free! so makes life easier - the timetables run upto the 20th March so far - I am looking for 28th.

Good luck - if I can be anymore help let me know.

Hi thank you to all the people who replied to my post you have all been very helpful.This is an excellent site for diy holiday makers.Once againThanks. Regards to you all larry
hello, could anybody please tell me if we can still stay on the train out of the airport and change at matero for santa susanna as we have done in previous years. i have heard that there is major work been done somewhere on the rail tracks and passengers have to change at sants. any information would be greatly received. with thanks, dave.
Hope this can be of some help to you .

Select "origen" and "destino", then click "horario". You must make sure that you click on the right date as times may change depending on Saturdays, Sundays or working days.

Good luck.

thanks lynne for your reply,the timetable was helpful. :)
we are trying to find as much imformation as possible because this year we have mum and dad inlaw traveling with us.getting the train at the airport till matero was what we planned {having seats} if we have to board at sants, theres a fair chance it could be a long journy standing up :cry: .has anyone just returned having done the same trip?
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luci :wave
Never caught the train from the airport, only from resorts into Barcelona and always been able to get seats together as a family of 5.
the problem being lynne is that when we land it will be 4.30pm, train at 5.15 or there abouts on a weekday evening, and everyman and his dog finishing work wanting to get home plus us six and our suitcases.
Hi. Yes unfortunately you will have to get the bus from outside of the terminal to bcn sants and then collect the Blanes train to Santa susanna. Currently there are no trains from the airport terminal and it will be like this for the next 18mths i'm afraid.
At your arrival time it will be quite busy at Sants so also be on your guard for pick-pockets at the station, so sorry that it is not good news
[/i]thanks for your reply mr scouse, its not what i wanted to hear but at least we know what we up against.
have you just come back from the costa;s after doing the train to resort route? if so how much time did it put on your journey?. previously we have landed 4 30ish spanish time and have been on santa susanna station at around 7.oclock. once again thanks,we know where we stand.dave
Just to confirm what Mr Scouse said. I done this trip a couple of months ago and it is a bind not being able to get a train out of the Airport. But the coach stops right outside Sants and the train was fiarly empty and went direct to Callela with no need for a change in Mataro.

Coach was a nightmare on the return leg to the Aiport, packed to the rafters not pleasant
cheers martuk,its turning into anightmare :lol: the robin hood in malgrat will benifit from our five and a half stressed out persons once we get there :) [/i]
You could also get the airport / barcelona bus and get off at cort englais in placa catalunya and get the train from there as it is not as busy as sants. I have to go there every other month and depending on my stay I sometimes just pick up a hire car from the airport. When and where are you going inSanta Susanna?
we went on our first holiday abroad in 1983 and by sheer chance ,because nobody else in either of our familys had ever being abroad we chose .the hotel pinsmar in s/susanna..the tahiti now stands where the pinsmar was. one star full board but it was great :D .so far since then we,ve been back to s.s / malgrat de mar on seven occasions,each to a different hotel. this time wanting self catering and reading good reports ,we booked the quintasol apt for 2 weeks from sept 5th[/u][/i]
Hi all,

Arriving at Barcelona airport on 25/10/06 at 10am and will be going to Top Royal Sun Hotel - Santa Susana.
Will someone be kind enough to give me the directions on how to get to the hotel by train from the airport.
Is it possible to go by train in the first place, how much will it cost me and what is the cost.

Thank you.
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