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Has anyone any tips for those of us who do wear make up and want to take hair rollers, hot brush and the like?
Hi Angie star, you can decant some of your foundation into those 50p round small tubs from Superdrug/Wilko. They, along with any liquids such as liquid lipstick, mascara etc all have to go in your ziplock transparent bag. Powders etc are fine packed into handluggage case, as they don't have to be separated at security.

Hotbrush is electrical so therefore again needs to be put seperately through the scanner. I put all electrical items, including batteries, headphones, adaptors, chargers in a separate bag, either near the top of my case or just in a carrier bag (along with liquids bag) until through security. Once through you can put everything in your case.

As long as your rollers aren't heated you can pack them in your and luggage. If they are then include them in electrical bag.

Hope this helps 👍
Really good tips, and very much how I tend to pack and travel.
Really helpful. Changing now to Hand Luggage only.
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