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Depending on when you are in Malta in february you could also be there when the festival of St Paul's shipwreck is on, this is absolutely brilliant with band marches, fireworks, and religious processions through Valletta, well worth going to.

when is the carnival on in february? I am going from the 1st to the 8th. Is there anything on then? thank you
Hi the Festival of St Paul's shipwreck is early this year to facilitate carnival and the celebrations will be taking place this weekend, however, carnival is also early this year which means that you might be lucky next week.

The actual malta carnival is running from Friday 4th February to Tuesday 8th Feb. There's full details and an event programme on the official Malta website. Hope this helps, I've never been to it before either so I don't know what it's like.

We have been to the Carnival in Malta twice.

It really is great fun and completely mad.

You can buy tickets to sit in the square just inside the main gate into Valleta and these are not expensive.

You can also just wander around the floats or sit at any number of the cafes etc on the route and watch.

If you are taking children with you then take fancy dress for them. Pretty much all children (and lots of older kids) seem to be dressed up for the entire time of the carnival.

We are from the West of England where this is a huge culture of Carnival but let me tell you that the Malta Carnival is just so different from anything else that I have ever seen.

Go and really enjoy.
I have been to the carnival this year again, and I have placed some photos online already. I have videoclips from last year's event too. This years' videoclips will be uploaded when I find the time...

You can view the photo galleries here:
or just go to my homepage and choose Photos from the main menu.

Best regards from Malta.
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