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Is it the accommodation you're worried about, or the resort?

If the latter, Sta Eulalia is a nice place, and not far from Es Cana if you wanted to have a few days/nights there. It's easy enough to get to by taxi (or on foot!!).

Can't comment on the accommodation as we haven't stayed in either of them.
:) its the hotel that i am not sure about,although reading the reviews it seems nice.we have visited santa eulalia several times on the bus/boat from es cana and we really like it,but i think that because we have had two good holidays at the escane appartments im just a bit worried that it wont be as good :roll:
I am going to the Sirenis Hotel Club Siesta on 1st June for 2 weeks with my wife and 2 kids, under 6.
According to the various write ups from various internet sites, this hotel is great in all departments.
Apparantly the food can get a bit repetitive, but most HB are like that. Facilities for kids are supposed to be A1, plus so easy to get anywhere by public transport.
Only problem is that it is on a small hill, so walking back after a night on the razz may need a little encorougement............
When are you going, and who is in your party?

:) thanks for the reply.i am going with my husband and 4 children age 13,10,9,and 4.travelling on the 28th may, the dreaded night flight from manchester.ive got 3 boys and 1 girl,shes the ten year old so i hope she will make friends.we plan to stay around the hotel for the first week,then my dad who is 85 is staying at the tress torres hotel, is coming out for our second week, so we will probably eat out a lot with him in the town :D
maybe we will meet when placing our kids in the kids clubs so we can have some peace around the pool with some cold beers!!!!
My kids love making friends, Jacob is 4 and Emilia is nearly 6 going on 12..........they get involved in most things, and this will be their first kids club.
Went Bulgaria last year, lovely but not anything for young uns

thanks for your reply.
im looking forward to a few beers also,but the kids are determined not to go to the kids club(apparentley they arnt kids!!!)except the youngest who is looking forward to it.p.s my 9 year old is also called jacob.
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