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Hi Sn8wSt8orm and welcome to HT!

Have you read our resort reports on Kavos here:


luci :wave
Hi Luci
Thanks for your reply. :)
I have the feeling I'm just gonna stay confused until I actually get there and see for myself.

One minute you have people saying its a great place, and the next that its horrendous...... I know you can't please all of the people all of the time, and I guess every resort is liked by some and not by others, its merely the large amount of negative feedback that I've seen screaming out at me that's making me slightly nervous! :?

I'll just have to hope I'm one of those that comes back with good feedback!!

You get used to the smell - well I did when I did 4 weeks emergency cover repping there :lol:

Seriously though, I've holidayed in Kavos a couple of times, as well as having done a few weeks as a rep in the resort. My advice would be: get a safety deposit box for things like travellers cheques/cash, passports, tickets etc, and make your room as secure as you can before you go out especially if you are staying in the middle of the resort as there are a lot of drunkards wandering around who seem to think everyone elses property is fair game. Most of it is common sense really - only take out as much cash as you need, there are rose sellers who wander up and down the strip, while they're relieving you of as much cash as they physically can for a rose their well trained kid is pickpocketing you. Be careful with valuables etc etc -mjust as you would on any loud night out in the UK.

If there is damage in your room when you get there, report it to your rep immediately, they won't have had time to check every room before their airport duties, and make sure they get it in writing so they canback you up if there is a problem, unfortunately there are one or 2 hotel owners who seem to think that claimimg money for damages off everyone that stays in a room is a good way to supplement the rubbish money the TOs pay them to have a load of young brits that thoroughly enjoy being away from home in their hotels and do get a bit carried away at times....

I think as long as you're looking for a bit of (OK a lot of) a party and aren't expecting the Ritz you should be fine, just think any UK city centre on a Friday night, in Kavos every night is Friday night.
Everyone has different expectations, are of different ages, it depends if you are on a family, couples or singles holiday, etc. I hope you have a great time.

Where are you staying? If you haven't done so already you can check out our hotel reviews to see if yours is listed here:

luci :wave
Thanks Wee Keebab and Luci.

We're staying at the Marina Beach Studios/Apts which I understand aren't right in the thick of things - so hopefully that will be good. I can't find many reviews on the apartments but the only one I did find was a reasonable one - which was a welcome relief after everything else I'd seen. I couldn't see if they offered the saftey deposit boxes though. I know the hotels do, but not so sure about the apartments, so if you have any thoughts on that Wee Keebab I'd be interested to know - I think I remember seeing mention of one main one that everyone in apartments use? Or did I dream that? :?

Well I'm in my early 30s my friend is in her late 20s, we're not quite past it yet :lol: - but aren't planning to be wrecked every night either. I expect most of the time we'll go on trips and stuff in the day - so that'll keep us occupied and more than likely ensure that we're fast asleep by the time the nightlife really kicks off - oh dear - maybe I am past it after all?! :wink:
Sorry, I don't know the Marina Beach, but if it doesn't have safety deposit boxes there are several tourist agents on the main street that will hire one to you. As for excursions, I recommend Paxos and Antipaxos, a trip to the mainland, shopping in Corfu town and the waterpark if you like that sort of thing. If you want a quieter night the bars on the edge of the stip will probably be a lot quieter than those in the middle.

Like Luci says, its what you make of it, it's not everyones cup of tea but I'm sure you'll be fine.
Dreadful. Ask for a different resort if you can.
:yikes Very loud in your face resort, If you have insomnia it's perfect as you won't get much sleep :yikes
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just wonderin if u could answer these queries i have for the marina area and kavos.

2 of my mates r 17 but im 18, wil ther b any truble for them to get in anywher like in the pubs/clubs?

Hi sophstarsparx .... Welcome to the forums. So that none of your messages have to be deleted, could I ask please that you just have another look at our Terms & Conditions before posting again.

Many thanks
David :wave
I wish I was your age and going there. Your spending power will be more more important than your age.
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