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Do you have a holiday complaint? For help and advice post in here.
Amendment charges are £60pp up until 14days before departure, however if the new holiday is 10% or more cheaper you will have to pay cancellation charges on the old booking to cancel it. For changes made within 14 days you will have to pay cancellation charges.
Thanks for responding.

It seems as if the man in the shop just could not be bothered! I spoke to Thomsons Direct and they told me that I can change £30 pp admin charges and holiday needs to be within the 10% range you mentioned or of course more...

now its just a case of finding alternative I stay in the Dom Rep or find somewhere else....

Thanks again for responding!

I don't think that I would put myself at risk of contracting this virus - and certainly don't think that I would want a 4 year old to be subject to it. I have read the reports on the trip advisor site as well and there certainly does seem to be a problem.

With regard to where else you might go - have you thought about Florida -the temperatures would be quite reasonable and your 4 year old would love Disney.

Unfortunately I think you will have to stick with the same tour operator so your choices may be fairly limited to what they have left.

Hope you manage to sort something out.


Thanks for your response. It is very concerning and currently looking still at the Dom Rep but not at these resorts. This is the first time I have travelled with such distance and the first time I have spent so much on a holiday, it was to make up for the past bad year we have had! :? :(

I wanted somewhere nice and warm but even that doesnt seem to be happening in the Dom rep at the moment, so perhaps someone is trying to tell me

I am currently looking to see where I can choose to go to, although having spoken to Thomsons direct and not the eejit in the shop, they have told me that i can change, pay £30pp to amend the details with the 10% rule applying.

I cannot afford to be paying a whole lot more out other than the money we have paid already, one reason why we chose all inclusive. so currently scouring the brochures again...:S

Thanks for your help tho!

Karen x
hi, we had very similar happen to us.
Booked with lunn poly to the dominican for aug this year,then we changed our minds due to hurricane season and never having travelled all that way with kids before(only ever done europe)
We too got stuck it cost us £125.00 to change our holiday but we booked with airtours prestige as it was long haul.Unfortunatly all the hotels in that brochure are 5 * and we didnt get alot of choice . To cut along story short we are now doing corfu ,5 * , h/b, for the same price as our a/i to the dominican.We learnt a very valuble lesson,DONT CHANGE YOUR MIND AFTER BOOKING! its too costly!

I wish we both had better outcomes ,they always seem to rip us off.

sallington :bhead
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