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Lindos is beautiful. No cars there as the "roads" are too narrow- there is a carpark just outside. We stayed at the top of the village. If you are going to be there a lot be prepared for sore leg muscles to begin with. They get quite a work out! Some lovely restaurants and quaint bars.
Lindos is a beautiful village in Greek island of Rhodes.Lindos is very picturesque with white houses, two beautiful beaches within walking distance and a very important archaeological site, the Acropolis of Lindos. I also agree with @Fiona if you want to go there then you should be prepare for painful leg muscles to begin with because it is situated at 55 km away from the town of Rhodes.
Hopefully no-one will be walking to Lindos from Rhodes Town!
Over six months since I posted and we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday, no aching legs for me, but then I do live near the Alps and am used to walking up steep climbs though I think my legs would certainly have been aching if I had walked to Lindos all the way from Rhodes town. :)
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