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I tried clear mascara but didn't really rate it as all it does is slightly stretch you lashes and not colour them.

The best cheaper range waterproof one I've always used is the Body Shop, good value a range of colours and really good mascara. The best pricier make I've used is Clinique, more expensive but really good at not running :wink:
I dyed my eyelashes just before we went away at Easter. You can get it done professionally at salons but I bought a home kit from Bodycare. I did my eyebrows as well, because they always end up "bleaching" in the sun and by the second week they've gone ginger :lol:
Dyeing eyelashes doesn't really make them appear thicker, but it does make them nice and dark and you feel better about going without mascara during the day, and you can always put plenty on in the evening when you want to dress up a bit.
I always dye mine aswell. Then you can use a clear mascara during the day to make them look a bit thicker without worrying about it running down your face.
I would have them dyed although as others have said it doesn't affect the thickness. I think just by virtue of them being darker they look fuller.

Anyway, why don't you just go without during the day? I'd imagine any mascara would cause a problem when you have suntan lotion on.

depends how much you want to spend i like benefit bad gal and lancome extreme these do the trick
I have found the best waterproof mascara to be Max Factor Aqualash. I used to use my favourite non-waterproof mascara with a coating of water-proof clear but can't find the clear anymore.
I have very dark eyelashes and hair so I do use a clear one .

Boots do two clear ones, one number 7 and the other the 17 collection.
The only time i ever, ever go without mascara ( i even made sure I had it on giving birth, honest) is on holiday during the day. I can't see why people put it on if they are gonna be in and out of the pool. Who's gonna see ya anyway, strangers and your family who've seen you "naked" before. :roll:

I'm getting mine dyed on Friday as it's part of the holiday package i have booked at my salon, seeing as it's included in the price I may as well try it, don't you think :lol:
Haha, I can't understand your problem because I'm facing the same issues my eyes were not so big so for making them prominent I have to use thick and quality of mascaras. Currently, I'm using L'Oreal and Mabelline Express Mascaras they give me an excellent result and make my eyes more prominent and attractive.
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