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We were in Cala Millor 2 years ago and as we walk in a bar the english manager addressed us in German, later we were talking to him and I asked why he thought we were German, his reply was we were much to well dressed to be English!! I am a VERY casual dresser
Wizard HT Mod wrote:
you will have to get yourself one of these for the beach :really

Brian I would......if only it wasn't too hot :(

Notice t'other week in Spain that the young Spanish girls have started wearing the same fashion that young Brilish girls adopt where the neckline of their top is too big so it falls off their shoulder and just shows one bra strap.

I keep being in two minds about it, don't know if it is casually elegant (euro chic maybe?) or just darn messy. :rofl the Mum in me wants to run over and pull up the side off the top that looks like it has slipped down and cover their bra strap :rofl was on a lovely boat ride in cartegana and some spanish students all went in for this look, worn with shorts - seems more like a nightclub look to me, but i am ancient. :rofl

There's been tops designed to fall off one shoulder Doe - I think it looks quite nice, casual :tup
Remember this thread? I think this was our most popular one and worth revisiting!
i bought a wig from
Maybe you can find what you need
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