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The Anonymous is right on Sandy Bay, next to the Pavlo Napa and Tasia Maris. An excellent location without the noise of Nissi, but close enough for a 20 minute walk to Napa itself.

I don't know what the hotel is like but it does have good reports. (I'm not sure whether or not it's connected to the Pavlo Napa by a subway leadoing to the Pavlo's gym and indoor pool.) FWH might know.

Sorry but whilst I know where it is not stayed there. There is an access road that seems to come out a little further up as I recall. Three years since we were at Pavlo Napa - now there is a good hotel.

Booked to Thalasaki Beach for October.

But six weeks today we will be at the Belvedere in Crete.

On Parkys recommendation. Got to blame someone if wife does not like it.

If you have Google Earth the the location of the Anonymous can be seen at the following co-ordinates.



the Kermia beach is out of Ayai Napa on the Protaras road, situated on a natural lagoon, and does look fabulous, was thinking of booking there myself until we decided to buy a place,

the beach at the Anoyomus is one of my favourites

Sorry cant help you make up your mind
The Pavlo Napa is to the left, Anonymous in the centre. I do believe they are connected.[/img]

It must be 40 yards from the beach.
hi,kermia beach apts are way out of napa on the cape greco road, had a look round very nice indeed with lovely beach, apts set out in large griunds which would be perfect for kids, annonymous is set on great beach feels hemmed in but sandy bay is superb were its situated, asterias in my opinion is on the best beach, but when i was there didnt come across as geared to kids, kermia beach is my choice, see if there is any aerial photos to see area of apts and layout cheers
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