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why do you want to buy? The reason i ask is that it should determine what and where you buy. The market here in Turkey is very turbulent. Most people here see real estate as a goose that lays a golden egg. they are happy to rig prices for foreigners to make a quick profit. There are several agents that would help. my advice is to do research back in the UK and then contact several agents and see everthing thats on offer. If anybody says its easy living here BEWARE, it isnt. if someone says no problem BEWARE there is. I dont want to sound downbeat but the more research you do the less you will regret.
Hello Loulou

I am in the process of buying in Akyaka at the moment, and I spent the whole summer in 2004 looking at locations and agents....In the end we decided to use a friend of my sisters (she lives in turkey)...
We can highly recommend Deniz Nicholls at Kent Property Services in Marmaris. She has her own website you can look at although not much on Akyaka, but that doesn't stop her knowing loads of places for sale there!
Deniz is excellent and she is also one of the few agents registered with British consulate/Chamber of Trade. She is half turkish/english,,, so there is are no language problems... Deniz is one of the better established agents, she has been operating for well over 8-9 yrs. so not a fly by night operator!

Good luck with your search.... and no I am not on commission!

Loulou, I would recommend Marmaris Bay Villas in Marmaris, talk to Hilary or Felit Akman, they are another English / Turkish partnership. We didn't buy off them but found them to be very friendly and straight forward, the showed us some delightful properties in Akyaka both new and re-sale. website is http://www.marmarisbayvillas.com
Most houses are for sale with all the agents. Exclusive or sole agency is rare here in Turkey. As I said try emailing all the agents and see what they come back with. Also ask the for a list of extra costs eg noter fees, translation fees, government fees etc. what they dont tell you is all the added bits and pieces that can really mount up. You will be amazed at how many prices there are for the same property.
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