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Returned from Laganas on friday 26th August 2005 having had the worst 2 weeks holiday of our lives. Even though we booked through a reputable tour operator we found that the description of a family orientated complex with good amenities could not be further from the truth. We arrived at 0530 and were left to find our own room. Upon entering the room we discovered that 2 adults & a 4 year old were expected to sleep on beds pushed together in one room. To say the self catering facilities were 'basic' is an understatement. And the sanitary 'arrangements' were disgusting. There is no piped water to any of the hotels on the island & on several occasions water tankers had not been ordered and the complex was without water for hours. Hygiene and clean linnen in this complex was non existent. The only good thing about this resort was the weather. Mopeds were in abundance at all hours of the day and night. This complex is more an 18-30 than a 'family' site. We will never be returning there again and have already booked next years holiday with a different tour operator in a different country.
:oops: i didnt mean all off zante but did mean laganas, yes they do spend lots of money the young ones and yes the bar owners are rubbing the hands together, i would be myself, i love laganas and i have deceided that i am going to book again next year, greenshoes less of the old please i can party the same as the young ones and yes i was 19 once, but i am taking you advice and i am going the end of august next year, i didnt mean everyone who is young is a lout, its just sad that there are people who make it look bad for others :whoops
i 100 % agree with you. but being young these days mean you get sterotyped alot. and no i dont think you are old. lagasas is a lovely place but i dont think there is much for familys. and accomodation is basic in some places but no worse than other greek islands. :D
Don't worry cause acording to todays news of the world. There at it on a boat of the 'costa del sol'

Oh the 'white heads' will love that.
i actually read thaT article at work and was shocked. the costa del sol was never a place i thought of going to for its happening night life. i know of a pirate cruise :wink: in cyprus where its alot wores. i have never been on it but was told stories and seen pictures
sorry to hear about your holiday. Which company and appartment.hotel did you stay in?

We've just built a villa on Zante, and went to a hospitality meeting in February (paid for by a local hotel owner) of all Brits that have property out there - about 300 turned up - together with the British Ambassador. It was, mainly, a 'thank you' meeting for all those pioneering tourists who have driven the development of the island over the last 20 years. I'll get to the point. A number of businessmen present - hotel owners, etc - all expressed concern at the increased disorderly behaviour of some tourists but also their cast-iron determination to snuff it out. Yes, many of them probably owned bars that encourage drinking to excess, and I agree that the 18-30 organisers should also put up their hands and acknowledge their own sins, but the meeting left me in no doubt that they would do everything possible to stop the rot asap. Meanwhile. let's not be too judgemental - sun, sand, Sam Smith's (and the other "s") is a heady cocktail for anybody, especially when its stirred by club reps and greedy bar owners. Cheers. :D
You do realise Greece os a bankrupt country and they need every peny they can get. Of course they are going to encourage the kids to come and spend their money on booze. Without them laganas would not exist anyore as a holiday destination. Have a little think about that 👍
nic you do realise this topic is 12 years old ????8)
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