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You could go a day trip to Symi - its about a 2 hour ferry trip away. Either book through your rep or local tour companies. Its a lovely place, very picturesque. Its also possible to get ferries to Kos, Kalymnos and various other smaller islands. Your best bet is to buy a book like a Rough Guide or Lonely Planet and do a bit of research before you travel.
Some good comments from Andy.

The main harbour is Mandraki in Rhodes town and this is a good distance from Lindos. To organise such excursions independently you'll have to make a journey to Mandraki to book at least a day before or get there early and buy on the day. An agent in resort will be able to book a trip to Symi or Kos and though more expensive will normally include transport (saving you an expensive taxi journey if you have an early morning departure). Rhodes town offers links to nearby Symi or hydrofoil connections to Kos Town and Marmaris, Turkey. The nearby island of Halki is also a short journey from Rhodes but the ferry leaves from Kamiros on the west coast and not Mandraki.

Wherever you arrive you'll normally find a few people offering accommodation in the harbour though you often get better value/standard of room if you chat to locals/other tourists in a bar. As it's peak season some (greedy) owners won't do stays of less than 5 days though there is a way around this if you're struggling - take 5 days but agree to pay nightly and 'unfortunately' cut your stay short.Naughty but a tip i've been given by many an island hopper!

Whatever you decide enjoy :) :) :)
Thanks for the tips . There are some good suggestions there!!

I will let you know how we get on!!

Tilos and Nissyros are probably easier for accomodation and far less 'packagy'. For ferries use Greek Travel pages on GTP.GR for a bit of pre-planning. Ferry ticket agents for boats that are running, check from which harbour as three are used for ferries/hydrofoils.
Day trips are easy from the Harbour, we got on ferry for Symi 5 minutes before departure paying as we got on, saves wondering what the weather will be like the next day, or if youv'e had to much of the falling down water the evening before. We also had the worst meal in Symi in the whole week we were in Rhodes. A day was quite plenty in Symi, I'm glad we did it on a day trip and didn't go for the week.
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