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When I booked accommodation in Majorca via WSH it went through Jumbo Tours. Just printed my accommodation voucher, presented it to the hotel and had no problems -did this 2 years running and all was fine. Didn't use Jumbo tours for transfers though.
I used booked hotel rooms with Jumbo tours via Travel Repubplic and found it fine - as Meerkat2505 says, I printed off the voucher and presented it on arrival at the hotel without any problems. As this was for city centre hotels I've also just used either a taxi or the ordinary public transport to get there rather than pre-booking a transfer.

thanks for the reassurance. i didnt plan on using them for transfers as we always get a taxi to magaluf

I too have used Jumbo Tours when booking through Travel Republic and have had no problems.
I booked through OTB and the accomodation is with Jumbo tours, from what I read they're a huge Spanish company who deal with hotels/accomodation bookings in Majorca.
I got to the hotel I booked through them and there was no booking
hi candiloo
Can you tell us what happened?
I used them unbeknown to me having booked with love holidays. The transfer and hotel reservations went well. The hotel accommodation and medical cover was awful. Make sure all complaints about the holiday go to the correct company. Their reps were nowhere to be seen. Be warned.
just got back 2nd April 2018 travel republic use jumbo tours for hotels i spent 4 days in the wrong hotel wrong room never again will i go near jumbo tour or anything to do with them stay clear
That sounds dreadful. When did you find out about the hotel change?
My god. Please do not use this company Jumbo tours. Booked this hotel for me and my son.

He was reduced to eating bread and butter because the food was dire and they advertised a snack bar which did not exist.

I was all -inclusive and may has well have not been. No selection of drinks or anything else.

They said local shops. Total rubbish and lies.

I have made a complaint and guess what?

They don' t want to know. Be aware. very
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