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Do you have a complaint against a travel agent and how you have been dealt with during or after booking your holiday? For help and advice post in here.
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We sell jumbo on some of our sites and have never had a problem.

What is the problem?

We received the accommodation confirmation showing the hotel l had booked but when we arrived at the hotel they had not got our booking and we had been booked into another hotel without our knowledge. It was not a hotel l would have chosen and spoilt our holiday. I have been trying unsuccessfully to ascertain where the fault lies and have received 200.00 as compensation but l want to know more.
Hi Kathryn
We had a very similar complaint if you look at the link above.
Did you accept the £200 offered after you complained?
I had no choice Travel Republic just paid it into my account as they had the details. I am still pursuing the matter.
I think this may be a OTB problem. When you book on am OTA they map into their site bed bank availability (Jumbo). If it is not done correctly then you can end up somewhere else -i.e. OTB actually booked the wrong hotel with Jumbo. If it was full or there was a problem OTB would have got a rejection from Jumbo at that time..

You need to check as that might not be the case and after booking the correct hotel with Jumbo, Jumbo then came back to OTB.

As there was no booking evident
at that hotel though I reckon it may be the first scenario.
I have been trying to ascertain who was at fault but both Travel Republic and Jumbo Tours will not give me an answer. The latest information I had from Jumbo was that they heard that the hotel could not accommodate us after we had left England which I have irrefutable evidence was not the case. I just want the truth as to who was to blame and who is responsible for spoiling our holiday.
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