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Welcome Home!!! :wave
Its interesting to hear about other's experiences, especially for me as I am on an AOA for Riu next your other post about the adaptors and the mossies! :shock: Will go prepared...they really hate me...and i was left with bad bites for a long time after our last holiday to Greece!

Would love to know more (when you have recovered and have time!) about best facilities where....etc, hints for dining, facilities within the resorts and any trips that you fact

Glad you had a great time and had such good service for such a special occasion!!! Im on countdown but it seems soooo far away lol

Best Wishes

Karen xx
Welcome home, so glad you had such a fantastic time :D
Hi Kassy,

glad you had a fantastic time - I said you would !

I've recommended this hotel so many times and no-one has said anything other than how wonderful it is.

Only thing is, it kind of spoils you going to other hotels - as you compare everything to the Riu's.

Next time you should try the Riu's on the East coast - the same great service but with the most fantastic beach in the Dom Rep.

Glad to hear you had a good time at the Merengue, we are going there for the 1st time next August, seems like a long time away!
What I was wondering is having read reviews on the Merengue/ Mambo / Bachata complex on other sites, why has no-ne actually posted a review in the Hotels section?
Also a very quick question for Tracy, are you the same "Cynical is my middle name" who used to support the Leopards Basketball team in the BBL and now follows them in the EBL?
I went to the Riu Bachata in August but have been unable to post a review yet. I think there has been a problem with adding hotels to the sections. But just to say you'll have a great time as the complex is brilliant!!!! Can't wait to go back again myself :)
Hi Roadgiant !

How are you and Ole??

Yes, as you've gathered it's the same 'cynical'. I hang out here a lot now that What's Bev doesn't hold the attraction it used to.

Lucky you going to the Merengue next year. Dave(Hersey) and I have been twice before and loved it. I'm sure you'll have a fab time - any questions just ask away. I did post a very long and detailed review when we last stayed at the Merengue 18 months ago, but it didn't make it over in the transfer after this board moved away from using EZ board (hence the cynical name automatically carried over). I can email it to you though if you're interested. We're off to the Dom Rep for our 7th visit next May, and are staying at the Iberostar Costa Dorada. Can't wait !

Hi Tracy,
Thanks for the offer of info about the Merengue, just to let you know that I have sent you a PM with my e-mail address.
Hi Tracy .... many members copied their own reviews across to the new site. Please feel free to do likewise, if you wish.

David :wave
we were only talking the other night about going back next year, but like you said tracy we would not mind trying the hotels on the east side, do you know or have you been to any of these, if so which one would you or anyone else reccomend, I have heard that all the Riu hotels have the same good standard
Hi Kazzy,

I've been to the East coast twice but haven't stayed at a Riu yet. The Riu's in bavaro are a group of five hotels (like the three in the north coast) and you can use the facilities of all the hotels except the Riu palace (unless you are staying at the palalce of course!).

However, as I've stayed at three Riu hotels now we decided to try the other chain of hotels that people rave about in the Dom rep - the Iberostars and I must admit they were fabulous. There are three hotels side by side (they are actually the hotels next door to the Riu's) and consist of the Bavaro (the expensive one - who facilities you can only use if you are a guest at this hotel), the Dominicana and the Punta Cana.

I've stayed at the Bavaro last June and the Dominicana this September. They were great - you can have branded drinks like smirnoff or baileys, they have a selection of 6 ala a carte restaurants (excluding the three for sole use of the Bavaro guests) and a fantastic ice cream bar at the Dominicana (the rum/raisin is to die for!

i still love the Riu's and would happily stay there again but I love that extra quality of the Iberostars. Lots of operators have the Dominicana/Punta Cana on their books - the cheapest is Eclipse (first choice) which hopefully will be better next year as the are bring in there new refurbished planes which 352 seat pitch compared to 302 that they have now !

hope this helps

thanks for that tracy, the next time i am up the town i will get the first choice book :)
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