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Discussions for EX-Pats and owners abroad or those who are considering this idea.
Scaremongering me thinks.
Read this on the TRNC boards.
I wonder if the GC goverment will arrest their own citizens for "Illegally holding' TC's property.I think not :lol: :lol: :lol:
From the Cyprus Mail Sept 25th 2004...Granted, they didn't arrest them...

YESTERDAY’S Supreme Court decision to return a Limassol district property to its Turkish Cypriot owner has stunned the family of Greek Cypriot refugees who have been living in the house for the past 30 years.

The government said yesterday it respected the decision, though the Attorney-general could consider filing an appeal.

The two-bedroom house in Episkopi is currently occupied by 93-year-old Maria Demetriou, her daughter Despina Konikkou, 50, her husband Charalambos and their 20-year-old son.

The decision has immediate effect, irrespective of whether an appeal is filed.

HI pupdog

as an avid reader of cyprus newspapers i was refering to british people who buy "PROTECTED PROPERTY/LAND" we have a case ongoing with a couple from Croydon who not only may loose the Cyprus proprty but also thier british home to cover the cost of re-storing the land to former use. what most people don't understand is that proprty vacated by both sides in 1974 is subject to a UN order of preservation and as such is protected bu international law

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