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I have not been to the campsite and don't know it but the beach at Perros Guirec is beautiful. It is called the granite rose coast as the rocks are pink. we stayed in the village Auberge just up the hill from the beach which had a great restaurant. The owner is a fisherman and cooks his own catch. There is a lovely little creperie just by the beach where we had crepes & Cider in lttle pot cups.
We were recommended this place by my son in law who comes from Brittany. Have a lovely time

Hi :D Happy New Year....I think you would be very wise to go to Perros...its a great site with loads to do and i have to agree the granite coast is amazing and beautiful....I worked there for a bit summer 03...well trained there then went to work on another site, i worked for Keycamp and the few days i was there i saw how great it was...yes it is a massive site and it might take a couple of days to get your bearings (i lost my live caravan a few times)..but you soon get used to it....there is an amazing swimming complex (although where i ended up Carentec was better...just) theres loads of facilities inc a hairdressers to get spruced up in on an evening out maybe??!!l :lol: they have a nice foodie area which was the 1st thing on my mind after a 12hour ferry trip and having to find my own way to perros from st.malo on french trains without knowing the language very well, so was impressed at the nice selection of food to eat after my long journey, o there is a 'nightclub' if you can call it that....mainly the couriers go there for a dance but its not that bad small but its entertainment dont worry its set away from the camping area, also not forgetting the evening activiites on site like bingo and other games etc kids clubs are ace...obviously too you are right by the beach...i went on this lovely walk from the campsite down by the granite rocks on to the beach, pretty stunning scenery too. Not really sure what else to add....just go for it its lovely caters for all you'll enjoy it...if you want any more ino just ask and i'll try and provide if i can...take care x
Thanks for your replies people :D

In fact, I've already booked for us to go here in August (which I know will be hellishly busy, but we're tied to School Hols). I was looking for reassurance that we weren't headed for the holiday from hell...but it's looking good - thanks for your great replies.

Glad to hear we'll be well catered for, will try the Auberge Restaurant for sure, sounds yum.

Dalyan Princess - do you know if there are any age restrictions on the waterslides? My youngest is a very water-confident 5 year old, but I have a suspicion he won't be allowed on. The others, 9, 11 and 17 are all very good swimmers so no problems for them I think. Thanks for your help.
Hi, glad to hear you booked will love it im sure. About the slides im not 100% sure but you might be ok....i know at arentec site young children used the im sure it will be ok either if you are around the pool area or if one of your older children are there it might not be such a problem....sorry i cant be of more help on that one
Thanks Dalyan Princess, I'm sure it'll be fine, in fact I'm quite excited already - only another eight months to go!
I've travelled to the south of France for the past two years. These were long and a waste of two days of our break. This year we too have booked the le ranolien in August. I've researched it lots and I'm very pleased with myself for booking this site. I've even found out that some work colleagues have been there some years ago. All have very positve things to say about the site. This site is constantly being developed by its owner so lets hope its even better than I've been told. The area looks fantastic. The thought of sea food, good wine, and local cider and the kids having loads of fun wow.

Sorry as you can see I cant wait to get there.

Good Luck
Hi Guys, I too am about to book a holiday at this campsite in August , with canvas holidays. I've been with them before but about 12 years ago when our kids were young. Always found them to be fine, so this year we're taking my sister and her kids aged 11 & 18 away and liked the look of this site. So we're quite a wide age group, 11, 18 , 40 'ish , and us 2... ahem.. 50+. But we thought a mobile home would be more appropriate to us of advancing years :roll:
My main concern is re things to appeal to such a wide variety of ages. It looks as if the kids clubs etc are good and as we like walking - that seems as if it will be OK.
I am about to book - any thoughts guys? Would really appreciate any info or advice.
Terri :) :)
Ive booked with Check them out you might get a pleasant surprise on the price. As this is the company that 'runs' this place it offers a different selection of mobile home. Phone them.

See you there. 8)
  • Edited by cool4cat 2005-02-19 18:17:13
Yeah, the campsite prices are cheaper going direct. In fact, I always try to book directly being a great fan of DIYing for all holidays - it works on every level - better accommodation, better flight times and cheaper all round. The one component for us that was a deterrent here was the ferry prices - we have a high car and six passengers and it was coming out at around £600, and making the total holiday a bit more expensive than booking with Eurocamp.

We're really looking forward to our holiday. Our first time holidaying in France :D
Hi thanks for that guys, yes I also always book diy nowadays - in fact I can't remember the last time i used a package - about 10 years ago I think.
You brought me to my senses - I rang them and you're right I was very pleasantly surprised.
I sent off a request to Canvas for a quote and am waiting for that , but i really don't think it's gonna beat the Yellohvillage one.
So looks like I'm (almost) sorted.
When are you going guys/ We're gonna be there from 26th August. Couldn't get time off before as it was only decided last week and time off in August gets taken very quickly. Can only get 1 week too which is a pain but the new school term starts on the 3rd or 4th I think. Still there you go.
Looking forward to it, & thanks for your help.
We'll be there from 14th August till the 30th, staying with Eurocamp in one of their caravans. We've been to several other campsites and always in their tents, which are absolutely fine - but decided we'd treat ourselves to a bit more luxury this time (suffering last time with a violent tummy bug 3 minutes walk from the loos did play some part in this decision :shock:)

Roll on August :D
Well, I just did it!! :D
Booked a week at this site with Yellohvillage thanks to your help. :kiss
saved an amazing £200 off canvas holidays prices. Very similar accommodation , booking my own ferries, which was £30 cheaper than taking the ferry inclusive price. That will just about cover the personal insurance (with direct travel). I will probably get the AA car cover though, better safe than sorry.
Who's a happy bunny then!! :wink: :D :wink: :D

Terri :wave

Ps hopefully we'll see you there Addy , You'll be well into it by then & will know the best places to go & things to do.
We head back home before you get there so i'll look out for you addy.
I was pleased to hear you saved some money terri, every penny counts. Sorry i'll miss you.

Have fun and let us know how it goes.

Also if you find out any more info from here to then.

Le Ranolien is in a sheltered hollow just behind the beach. the gorund is irregular and broken up by enormous pink boulders! As a result there are no regimented rows of vans and a nice informal atmosphere. The site facilities are excellent, the staff friendly and efficient and there are plenty of places to visit in the area. The walk along the coast amongst the amazing pink rocks is worth a visit in itself

The site at Carantec along the coast also has good facilitied, but the !iving accommodation is rather more formal with the mobiles in regular streets - not quite so easy going.

One of the best ways to get there is the (Friday night only) P&O ferry "Pride of Bilbao" a large boat which cruises across from Portsmouth to Cherbourg at a very lazy pace. You leave at 8.00 pm and don't have to leave the ship until around 8.00 am on Saturday as a tresult you get a proper night's sleep - no morning call at 6.00 am and a pleasant run to Perros Guirec. return by P&O from Le Havre ( it may be Brittany Ferries by summer because of the going on between the two companies!) If you stay at the Campanile Hotel in Honfleur that is very pleasant and Honfleur itself very attractive with an easy journey of only a few miles to get the ferry in the afternoon arriving Portsmouth early evening.
All the cabins on Pride of Bilbao have en suite facilities WC wash basin shower. the price is reasonable and you have ample time for a leisurely dinner on board.
Cheers Anthony Harry

5 months to go

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

This walk everyone talks about i just cant wait

washed down with local cider yum

did you try that mate?
le Ranolien is fantastic.Our family stayed there two years ago and we had the best holiday of our lives.As you drive into perros Guirec, the stunning beauty of the archipelago will simply take your breath away.We travelled with keycamp and they were excellent from start to finish.Our children were five and three at the time.The site is well equipped with a small library with lots of English books for kids.There's nightly entertainment at the bar and puppet shows etc.. for the kids.
Some excellent trips to take are the boat trips to the "Sept isles", a trip around the islands in the area.I think it was about €17 per head.There's a go karting circuit in plomeur and a must see is the Planetarium which has an English speaking show on wednesdays.
A nearby town with a pretty beach is Tregastel and well worth a visit.However the water park in ranoilen is built from the pink granite rocks in the area and the entire surface is granite.If a child slips on this surface, expect some very sore scratches and abrasions.The crazy golf park is also hewn from the granite and is great for all the family.
Any other info you need, just ask.
I am going to Perros Guirec with Canvas in July taking my 3 children and 2 parents. My parents are 83 and 76 pretty active. Will they be ok or should I prepare them for two weeks in the van because the campsite is too uneven to walk on?
I think they should be fine Debs.If possible, ask canvas to find you a central location where they don't have to walk too far to get to the shop or bar.All the pitches are grassy and even and most have some nice shady hedging around them.There are a few steps up to the bar but shouldn't be a problem if they're active.The pool area may be a bit tricky and the granite a bit unsecure underfoot, again I think with care they'll be ok.Unfortunately, I think the area overlooking the picturesque bay will pose problems.There are many rocky areas and a steep hill down from the campsite and I found that tough myself as I have had spinal surgery and got very breathless coming back up.But you can always drive down there and there's a path to walk along so they can see the scenery from a safer vantage point and some seating where they can enjoy the view from.There will be plenty of areas accessible to them and they'll be fine with the bar/restaurant/cinema and library.Just take a scout around yourself when you arrive and you'll soon see what's suitable and what's not.Ironically I think the biggest problem will be the steps up to the mobile home.Just be wary coming down them.
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