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I live in the village but the owner of Limani (Athena) lives in the nearby Avlliottes.
I will try to get the tel. no. If not i manage several properties apartment & cottages; one is just before Margaurittas supermarket. Let me know if you need more help :sun
f., have not seen athena or stefanos re limani sorry are you still interested?? :) lizzie
sorry BILLIZ I should have pm'd you I spoke to MIL about the apartments you manage but she had her heart set on returning to Limani. If you are able to get the number I would appreciate it Though I can't guarantee they will go I think it is the only apartments she will consider. She thought it was a man who owned them as he qouted them prices when they were there last year. She did say there was a blonde haired woman that came in to clean that she thought was very well dressed for a cleaner! in her 40/50's Don't know if that would be Athina?. I am just a bit concerned that we are actually talking about the same apartments given the confusion with the picture in the Thomsons brochure. I know they definately booked the apartment/studio through Thomson's last year though. If you can get a tel number or (even better) an email address that would be great.
All the best
Hi there...just joined and returning to Corfu shortly for the third time.
The first holiday we sayed in the Limani appts...beautiful setting, fact perfect.
Asked at Thomsons today and the girl said as they do not show on their list, she presumes the contract has run out for these flats.
We have now booked The Barras appts but have very happy memories of the Limani flat and the town bus that stopped yards away.
We also fancied Arrillas but we were not sure if you could get the bus for Corfu town from there.
There is a lovely hotel where we go for dinner in Arrillas but the name escapes me, a large white building.
Very beautiful Island and friendly nice folks!
the limani is now private booked through nico brother of condor stefanos.

the bua stops right outside the barras although in high season you are only sure to get a seat if you walk back to the nafsica hotel.

we stayed for 6mths in arillas and yes it`s nice there but the beach is better in san stefanos n.w

do you mean the marina hotel on the corner opp. tghe beach
Do you if the limani have a contact email address for future reference. As you know my MIL didn't want to book this year but is keen to maybe try for next year at some point Now that you have said they are only bookable privatley and not through Thomsons I can let her know If there is no email contact could I contact you if necc if she wants to check availability It would probably be next year before she decides but they usually go on holiday May or September
hi f, sorry can`t remember the phn no, and i`m afraid there is no e/mail . yes you can contact me anytime/any way., if i can help i will.
take care lizzie.
Oh dear, TUI strike again. See the Simply Travel thread also.

Hope everything gets sorted out to your satisfaction.
Thanks Lizzie
Willbe in touch later in the year or early next year

On 16th February 2005 at 08:25pm, fionay said:
Does anyone have the phone number for these apartments? My MIL had booked through Thomsons but they have cancelled as they have withdrawn from offering them and she would still like to go there having had a great holiday there last year They are at the edge of the resort close to the beach
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