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Malta virgins
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Just been offered a good deal at the Hotel Santa maria. Buggiba or St. Pauls bay, close to the San Anton.
Unfortunately the reviews are not favourable, but they are old reports and nothing has been mentioned for this year.
Would appreciate a more recent update and any help people can give.
Hello Drummer,
I have stayed at the Santa Maria and its sister hotel accross the road who's name evades me I think it is the San Anton? when over there looking to buy property. It's hard to say really not knowing what you look for in a holiday but the accomadation was basic but clean with maid service every day except Sunday and the location is also good for touring around the island. They have entertainment on which I don't particular like i.e Bingo and the likes thereof. Meals were not bad (but again I prefer to dine out)
They operate an all inclusive system with local drinks being free and unfortunately most of the guest do not venture far afield but you'd be better off visiting the local bars if you want to get a feel for Malta. It's a down hill 5-10 minute walk into Buggiba which of course means an uphill walk back!
Have a nice holiday and if you have any particular questions then please post.
Thanks so much for the reply Mark & Nicky. 8)
I have already changed my mind for the Santa Maria, to the Qawra Palace. As it was same price, 5 weeks & an indoor pool. The ratings in the travel brochures were fairly consistantly good but the independant reviews ... unbelieveable! I've never seen such a wide gap in peoples opinions in my life. Two reviews on Yahoo were within 2 days of each other & it was "never again" & "Brill, going back next year" :evil:
We would like to get away from the UK in winter, visit an interesting country, meet the people, sample the food & go home, wanting to return.
In your opinion ... whats the chance!!! :lol:
Please, Please, wherever you decide to go do not go to the St. Georges Park or it's sister hotel La Vallete in St. Juliennes Bay, My husband and I spent the most dreadful 2 weeks there about 4 years ago, the place is surrounded with nightclubs going on until 4am, our room was dirty, the staff very rude, food uneatable, both contacted food poisoning, one elderly gentleman and he was a gentleman when asked for a warm plate for his breakfast the waiter behind the bar holding the plate with a tea towel passed it to him it was so hot it burnt his finger all the waiter did was laugh. needless to say we would never go back to Malta, but people return year after year, it's a Country you either love or hate
Hello Drummer,
I know where your hotel is located but I have not been in there so am unable to comment on. It looks a nice hotel though and is in a good location. When are you going?
Don't let Pojo's post put you off as there are no open air loud pubs or nightclubs near your hotel. St Juliens is where all the teenagers go to party. As for hotel service well it's a bit of a gamble we have had both good staff and bad but there are lots of places nearby where you can get good food. Even if god forbid that the staff are terrible I hope it does not put you off Malta. A lot of people judge the place on the hotel service rather than the country.
I'm off there next week so if you want me to report on anything in particular let me know. :wink:
Thankx again you two.
The four musthaveitears have just booked for Jan 06 for 5 weeks. Malta has to be better than the UK in January!!
Call in the QP & have a cuppa & let me know your opinion. Not that it makes a lot of differance, when you've already booked!
Always appreciate your help. Thanks again.
Drummer aka Frank
Hi Drummer, Hope you do enjoy your holiday, I did not want to imply not to go to Malta, but not to the St. Julien's bay area, as it's not for our age group, the fact the we did'nt like Malta is our choice I know plenty of people who do including members of my own family but it just did'nt appeal to us, that's not only because we had a dirty hotel, rude staff, uneatable food, and contacted food poisening, Had a lovely trip to Gozo where the food was really nice, but by then we both had the food poisening and could'nt eat a lot, the friends we were with enjoyed what we could'nt eat, but that was really nice, mind you you can not smoke on the ferry if that's a problem to you.
Bye pojo
Thanks for that Pojo. Listened to all the non smoking rules & felt we wouldn't be welcome there, so we changed to holiday to Egypt, always have a great time & the people are very welcoming, even if your a dirty smoker!!! :lol:
We have also stayed in St Julians in an allocation on arrival. There is no problem just turn left when you come out of the hotel and within five minutes you are a million miles away from the noise. You will be overlooking the sea with a choice of bars and restaurants.

If you do go through the "noisy bit" it is no threatening like it is in the UK. Just walk through the mobs of kids until you come to a quiet bit. It won't take you long!!!!
Hope Egypt is good for you, never been but our daughter and son in law are giving it a go in June may find a problem as they are only in their 40's and unfortunately not going on 65 but their day will come, daughter a smoker, son in law not but puts up with it bless him pojo
Sorry that you have been put off coming to Malta Drummer. However the weather will be better in Egypt for the time of year that you are going.

Just be careful on the busses!
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