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looks very nice i know right where it is.i would just get a safe to be sure lock your doors and windows.normal things you should do anyway.never give your room # out.
Hi ladynat and welcome to HT!

We also have reviews HERE :wink:

luci :wave
hi ladynat,stayed there a few years ago and really enjoyed them,we have been going to es cana every year for the last 11 years,not the best we have stayed in but by no means the worst,it was only b n b then,if you have got it cheap enough you can eat out,the pool area is great and a lovely little sun trap,but beware when we stayed there(we also use there pool when we have stayed in other places)they were very keen with bringing your own food and drinks in even a drink of water which i thought was a little over the top,but apart from that everything is hunkydory.
hope you enjoy,
Hi Escanatiger :D

We have been 4 times to Es Cana now and we always enjoy it :lol: My husband would live there if he could :P 8)
Never been for 2 weeks though, so I hope we don't get bored (although I am sure we won't :wink: )

We are normally quite happy as long as the hotel is clean and comfortable ish and we can have 1 meal out of the 2 in the hotel :lol: We are not a couple who go on holiday and then moan about everything. We booked everything independantly and we got the flights for under 200 quid for both of us (great price seeing we fly from EMA and we cannot get cheap flights anyway :x ) and the hotel was about 350 quid :lol: That is the reason we booked 2 weeks there as it was such a good price :shock:

Thanks for your help and we are counting down already :D

Where are you stopping this year and when are you going?
Hi Ladynat, when do you go to Ibiza, we`re going in August, we also got a good deal. Doing flights with Thomson from Doncaster, 9 nights hb at Mar Y Heurta with apartments abroad. Total cost £630 for 2adults and 1child.

My only concern is can we cope with the heat as there is only a ceiling fan but what the heck we spend most of our time cold in this country.

We`ve stayed in ES Cana before and also Santa Eulalia, love them both, so really looking forward to hols.

Escanatiger, were the drinks expensive in the hotel, can you hire fridges for your room?
Hi Christine W :wave

We are going on the 12th September for 2 weeks :D We booked our flights through Thomsonfly also :) We went to the Caribe in October last year and went with Thomson then as they seem far, far cheaper than anywhere else :lol: We look for EMA first and then Doncaster as they are equal distance from us :hyper We then booked the hotel through Travel republic which were the cheapest I could find :wink:

We were really chuffed to get a 2 week holiday for well under 600 quid :D

Hope that the heat isn't too much at night but as you say, we moan about being cold here :lol:

Can't wait now :pele :pele
hi all,the drinks were reasonable for a hotel,personally i dont think es cana is exspensive anyway,we will be going in late september again this year,unless we get something to tenerife for around the same price,(doubt it though)if we do end up in es cana again this year we are thinking of trying the panorama marina,we priced it up last year and found it reasonable,so you never know.I too could live in es cana,we contemplated buying a bar over there a number of years ago,(THE DO DROP INN)but thought better of it,we would have had to try and compete with RIOS SHOWBAR,which we couldnt,we love it in there tina & phelis are great people,we look forward to seeing them every year without for a 3 year old there is the funfair as someone has already stated and a little park near the bus terminal,little land train that takes you on a 3 hour meander through ibizas interior,pedlos,water taxis to other resorts,there is mos tavern(simpsons themed)if you do go into rios ask tina and she will supply the young un with colouring books crayons and alsorts of games to keep them amused.
Escana is a superb little resort and anybody that fails to like it must be extremely hard to please.
enjoy every one who is visiting es cana hope to be there soon.
escanatiger. :D :D :D :D
hey there ladynat,just read your reply saying you were in the caribe last october,what dates were you there?we were there up until the 9th october,if you were there then we must have seen you cos it was really quiet last year in escana dont you think.
Hi escana tiger

Yep we were there until the hotel moved us to the Miami :( I can't remember the exact dates though.They shut early last year and there was only a handful in the hotel while we were there and a few of us transferred over there for the last few days of the holiday. We stopped in the Miami a few years ago and enjoyed it but we didn't as much this time :cry: Way, way to busy in there and they put us in the apartments instead of the hotel which we were not over keen on.

We spend a lot of time in the Zodiac bar at night (I even had a go at the bingo and won :D ) but we like to have a wander over to Charlies if there is any entertainment on that we like the look of. We wander over to Seas Cafe as well for the happy hour! Never been to Rio's by the way? Whereabout's is it again?
hi ladynat,rios showbar is straight up the hill towards the ereso hotel,keep on going as though you are leaving the resort and its about 200 yards on your left,great little bar and full every night,they do kareoke,quizes,bingo,open the box etc,the prizes really mount up aswell,when we were there the open the box was at nearly 800 euros.
We left on the 9th october and heard the caribe was to shut on the 10th.
bye for now.
Hi escanatiger

I asked my husband this morning and he said we went from the 6th to the 13th October and we did indeed move on the 10th :D I remember that most in the hotel were leaving on the 9th so we must have seen you and probably even spoke to you too :lol:
Hi'a again,yes we probably saw u 2,if you used the pool a fair bit we used to watch the guy join in all the daytime activities,pete i think they called him,bit loud but without him the entertainment reps would have been flogging a dead horse,only really had breakfast in the hotel,the girlfriend is a little fussy with her food,so most nights we ate out or went into santa eulalia for something special.
We only paid around £140 for the both of us half board so didnt mind eating out more often,
Hi escanatiger

How old are you if you don't mind me asking? It is just there were families in there and older and younger couples, so I am just trying to place you :D

We got a good deal as well direct(but not as cheap as you!!) and we ate out a few times. We ate in the Mar Vent and the Italian up past the Zodiac was great. The food was beautiful and would recommend there to anyone (Will be visiting in September no doubt :lol: )

I wasn't over keen on Santa Eularia if I am honest. I agree that it is nice for a meal but I wouldn't want to stop there as it has more of a towny feel tbh.

My favourite place in the world is Ibiza Town - we stayed in Ibiza on our honeymoon (Playa Den Bossa which I wouldn't rush back too) and I feel in love with Ibiza Town at first sight. I love going to the top of the D'Alt Vila even now and we have been loads of times

hi ladynat,we are both in our mid 30s,its hard to explain ourselfs really,we were round the pool most days,but kept ourselfs to ourselfs really,the girlfriend has burgandy hair if thats any help,oh and i won a compertition guessing how long it would take one of the reps to pot all the pool balls(probably of no interest toyou but its my claim to fame :lol: :lol: ),we were on our own this time NO KIDS, HEAVEN.
So thats enough of me,so come on lets hear a little about you,then maybe i will be able to put a face to the name,
look forward to hearing from ya soon,

bye for now,

Sorry folks but you are going off topic here, if you wish to continue your discussion why not go into the chat facility, just click on the icon marked chat at the left of the Ibiza forum in the main index page.
Hi Everyone

I have just joined the boards and this will be our first time in Ibiza. I think I have spelt the hotel/hostal right, but I haven't got my details with me at present, too idle to go downstairs and check the name. I have already read lots of posts about Es Cana and I do feel that we have made a good choice in this resort. Hubbie and I are taking our 4 boys, ages 6-18yrs so I think there will be something for them all to enjoy. This is only the 2nd holiday abroad for us as a family, last year was Sidari in Corfu which was brilliant and I think that the layout of this hotel to the resort is very similar to that one. One question though from anyone who has been to this hotel is about the dress code when you go for your evening meal. We have only been self catering before and obviously dressed for going to restaurants. However, are you allowed to wear shorts or do the men and boys have to wear long trousers. May seem a daft question to some, but to be honest I really don't know. Any answers greatly appreciated. :D
There are some reviews for this hostal that may help you although the last one was from August 2006. If you click here you'll see them.
Thank you Allmen (mod) and I have taken a look and it does look lovely. My only question really outstanding, and I have found lots of great info already on this brilliant board, is the dress code for the evening meals. The reason I would like to know is that I have one hubbie and 4 boys and I would like to know on whether to pack trousers, or can they get away with wearing smart shorts.
Derby Dawn, when are you going? We are going at the end of July and realy looking forward to it. We also have wondered if short will be allowed at night in the dining room.The hotel looks lovely and close to the beach. We`ve been to Escana along time ago and know the location of the hotel but not seen inside. Counting the weeks now.
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