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Hi The Dog, Glad you found the site,and had my 10 euros credit as promised,and glad you have given out the number I needed to find out how many credits I had left,as I had fogotten it .Carole
That's a fantasic link, much appreciated.

I'll keep that in mind, the incoming free calls are the icing on the cake :)

Sorry for getting the pricing slightly wrong but at least you have been able to help some of this forum's readers out, and made a bob or two in the process.

When I first arrived I was told about your shop. Getting my Spanish sim was painless compared to all the bureaucracy I had to go thru at that time with buying other essential things such as a car and house!

You mention 'other electrical goods' in one of your posts...
I'm looking for a decent Mini DV cam. Been thinking about one of those that has a SD card instead of tapes as I want to make DVD's on me PC to send home to our folks back in the UK. Getting info out of the Indians down in 'Digital Camera Ally' in Fanabe is fruitless! They just try to sell you what they get the best mark up on. Could you PM me your phone number and I'll give you a ring to see if you can supply me with one. I know I could go 'oop north' to Leroy Merlin's but my Spanish is still a little of the mark!

The Dog

Stupid question, probably - I am moving to Spain, do your SIMs only work in Tenerife or are they also for use in mainland Spain?

Hi David
Your sim card will work in Spain also, I have a Spanish Vodafone sim card & it works the same in both Tenerife & mainland Spain & you get charged the same.
Just to say that now the best network is Voda Spain (as Amena withdrew that calling card)and once I set up your phone sim you are paying 23cents(16p) direct dialling to the UK after 8pm every night. Sim cards are currently 45euro with 36euro credit plus the voucher which is now 12 euros more if you register it.



Do you supply Spanish SIM cards that are compatable to the UK O2 network?

If not will you be able to unlock my phone to take the Amena SIM?


Yes I can unlock any phone that is possible to be unlocked, I have ALL the equipment available! I guess its a late reply but for any other person I am answering! :roll: :oops: :D
Which is the other side of Las Americas. Im fairly close to Harleys Restaurant and La Pinta but on the other side of the road up a private side road row of shops!
Hi the dog is the parking any better :) always seems to be very busy and no where to park along the main drag. Any suggestions for parking when trying to get to your place.
The Dog...

I bought a Nokia Vodaphone mobile in tenerife which i use while on holiday.

My Scottish phone is a Nokia though with orange.
Can i swap my sim card from my Tenerife mobile to my Scottish Nokia orange phone and be charged at the spanish rate when i use it

I stay in Los Cristianos when im over(back yesterday :( ) but will have the car when im over in July so will try and find your shop to sort my phone problems
Is the Dog & Roam phone shop still open??

Need a sim card when we get to Tenerife next week.

If the shop has closed any suggestions of where to get one in the Fanabe area.


Hello I have closed that particular shop but am still here in Tenerife and in business!

I sell a great new sim now which works out at 6.8p per minute to uk landlines and 18 cents per minute to uk mobiles! Also local calls to any other network are only 9 cents per minute which is cheaper than all the main networks by a long way!

I will contact you privately tommorow and explain the options available. And get you a sim card and number ready for before you get here if you like?


Simon :D
hi, going to benidorm july 10 for 14 nights, do you have a card that will pop into my unlocked phone with a cheap calling rate inc roamin charges ?
Sorry only just logged back in here and noticed this! :que

I hope you got sorted anyway! Will update my email address for notifications!

I got some great deals on sims and internet dongles for all members :tup
Hi, Is the dog and roam shop still on the go? We are travelling to PDLA in November, and as we have elderly relatives, we need to stay in touch. For that reason, we need a sim card which we can use for calls and txts. on a regular basis, both ways! Can anyone suggest the best sim to use for this? And can anyone tell me if Simon still has the Dog and Roam shop please.

I am using my Movistar prepaid in Europe and UK you can get 30 GB for just 20 Euro.

You need to top it up every 6 month.

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